Fred Durst And Tom Green Take It Back To 2000

Jun 30th, 2008 // 6 Comments

Eminem must have punched the wall when (and if) he heard that arch-enemies Fred “That Little Limp Bizkit Bastard” Durst and Tom “My Bum Is On Your Lips” Green united their powers for an episode of Green’s talk show Tom Green’s House Tonight! Durst, promoting his upcoming directorial effort The Longshots, appeared disheveled and unkempt, recalling the Judgment Night soundtrack, Urban Dance Squad, and watching Wes Borland dress up in his Bizkit make-up through a long telescope. That accent? Some Andy Kaufman shit right there. [YouTube]

  1. disinterested 3rd party

    I call bullshit on this. I saw FD about three weeks ago in LA sporting his typical mook/douchebag look.

  2. westartedthis

    RUN-DMC and Van Halen? now THAT would have been awesome!

  3. westartedthis

    oh wait…it pays to keep watching…

  4. Clevertrousers

    This is what TV in hell will look like.

    Also, was Durst doing a tribute to the Nooge?

  5. jasonelias

    Why is he looking and sounding like the guy who tuned John Denver’s guitars. And oh yeah, it was Eddie Martinez on “Rock Box” not Eddie Van Halen.

  6. cheesebubble

    Good lord. Is he for real? Look who crawled out of the backwoods! It’s like Sling Blade just woke up from a bender and is in bad need of a shower. Tom Green is clearly frightened a couple times. The tattoo deja vu is a flat out yikes moment. Absinthe is one hell of a drug, kids.

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