We Would Like To Help You Get A Job


We haven’t run a new segment of our search for the worst in Village Voice Media music writing recently–not because there hasn’t been material, but because forcing myself to read some of the same writers turning out the same crap got tiresome after awhile. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t exciting VVM-related news going on.

An excellent example of this is the previously nominated Niki D’Andrea, whose reign as the music editor at the Phoenix New Times was marked by her angering most of the area’s hip-hop scene while giving her friends and their nights out on the town the coverage they so richly deserve.

However, as far as this ad on the Village Voice Media clone of Craigslist shows, her job now appears to be open. Niki’s apparently moving on to a different position at the paper, which means there’s work for all you frustrated music writers out there! The New Times building is conveniently located near Phoenix’s vibrant downtown, which will soon be serviced by the city’s new light rail system. Plus, it’s only ridiculously hot here a third of the year. What more could you want (sane employers not hacking jobs away left and right excluded)?

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