Khia Hates On Janet And Broke-Ass Record Execs, Craves Lil Wayne’s Lollipop


Khia, disqualified Miss Rap Supreme contestant and author of “My Neck, My Back,” has launched a busload of blog beef, occasioned in part by her leaving Big Cat Records two weeks before the release of her new album, Nasti Muzik 08. She claims that the label wrote her a bad check and gave her nothing in the way of promotion. “So guess what????? Say hello to my little Jewish friend…….. You know dat Im gonna laugh all the way to the bank dontcha??? Yall betta have all yall receipts, invoices and budgets together…. Cuz Im bout to sue the hell out yall assess!!!!!!” Khia also takes issue with those who haven’t signed her, like Jermaine Dupri, who claimed on Hot 97 that Khia was “ungrateful” for the attention she received from being on Janet Jackson’s 2006 flop “So Excited.” Khia, unsurprisingly, thinks the real problem is that Dupri’s gay and Jackson’s menopausal. “Now run and tell dat!!!!!! Nasti Muzik 08!!!!!”

Nowwwwwwww…… Jermaine Dupri…… I hear you was on Hot 97 in New York… Talking bout how I was ungrateful…………. And Miss Jones was FIRED right after dat!!!!!! If I’m ungrateful about anything its about the fact of how I SAVED the day for JANET….. And I couldn’t even be in the VIDEO…..But dats old news so why are we even still talking about it????? Janet’s album Flopped and DATS dat!!!!! I’m sorry……. Janet…..I hear you been going thru the CHANGE…. So maybe dats why you were MOODY and didn’t want me in the VIDEO dat day!!!! I guess 40 is not the new 20????

If I am disappointed about anything……… Its because you DIDN’T sign me, after I had already proven to you that I can sell records!!!! Is it because I am not little like BOW WOW??? Is it because I don’t wear my pants backwards with my boxers showing like Kriss-Kross??????….. You are Michael Jackson’s little sister’s boyfriend!!!!!! Is Chris Stokes your cousin??? Now dats the REAL disappointment!!!!! Are you gonna join Janet at the Jungle dis weekend, the hot GAY bar in Atlanta?? If so, I will see you then!!!! SOUND OFF……. And Noooooooo…… I don’t wanna buy no DAMN BOY SCOUT COOKIES!!!! It’s something funny bout GROWN men running around with little boys in uniforms….. Tell Janet to lay off the HUSTLER and COCO DORM SEX Tapes!!!!! Another man is beating YOUR TIME!!! Give it to em raw and RINSE dat strap off………Now run and tell dat!!!!!! Nasti Muzik 08!!!!!

While Khia may be “sick and tired of FUCK Niggas claiming to produce albums and take credit for shit dat dey wish dey could do,” she does still dream that someday her prince may come.

50 cent where you at??????? At least then I couda got a DAMN VIDEO!!!!!! GGGGGGG-UNIT!!!!!!!! Im da BITCH ya need… But dats okay cuz after Nasti Muzik drop on July 22nd, I aint gone need nann nigga for shit!!! If I make it……. We all make it…. Nasti Muzik 08!!!!!!

Hell, her prince may have already came.

…All yall dats leakin the album…. Thank you…. Cuz all yall leakin is dat straight fye………. Yall haterz leaked my baby’s album too and he sold a 1Million copies the first week!!!! Yall heard what my baby Weezy said……… Yo neck, Yo back….. It’s funny how dat song aint got old yet????? To us……It’s only just begun……. Thank you for the plug…. DADDY!!! I love licking the RAPPER……. Forward and backwards…….Nasti Muzik 08!!!!!!!!

Trina has yet to comment on that one.

Big Cat BROKE ASS RECORDS, Jermaine Dupri and Wacky Hoe done tried the QUEEN!!! [Khia’s MySpace]