“Madden NFL 09” Threatens To Make Bands Like Innerpartysystem Famous


According to Electronic Arts, “the Madden NFL soundtrack has launched premier artists that include Good Charlotte, OK GO, Fallout Boy [sic!], Franz Ferdinand, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Yellowcard, Dashboard Confessional, Jet, Ozomatli and 30 Seconds To Mars.” Putting aside the idea that a press release might be hyping the “launching” abilities of what it’s touting just a bit, it might be worth paying attention to the lesser-known bands that will appear on Madden NFL 09 alongside Franz Ferdinand, Good Charlotte, The Offspring, and Gym Class Heroes. Better the derivative, obnoxious devil on Fuse you know, right?

Innerpartysystem – “Don’t Stop”

Faint-style techno-rock with passionate, emotastic vocals written from the point of view of the media machine. Rhymes “entertainment” with “entertainment.”

Airbourne – “Stand Up For Rock’n’Roll”

If Jet tried harder to sound like AC/DC but still sounded like Jet.

Rev Theory – “Hell Yeah”

I’ve never heard a Hinder song that wasn’t a ballad, but if they do uptempo rockers, I bet they sound like this. “Give me a hell! Give me a yeah! Stand up right now! Get ready to go! She aint movin’ slow! She’s takin control!” This might be an Eddie Money cover, at least spiritually.

Young Dre, The Truth – “Workin’ (feat. Good Charlotte)”

Did you know the Maddens are producing rap tracks now? Weren’t you happier before you found out?

EA Celebrates 20 Years of Madden Music with Announcement of the MADDEN NFL 09 Soundtrack [EA Trax via LA Times]Innerpartysystem – Don’t Stop [YouTube]Airbourne – Stand Up For Rock’n’Roll [YouTube]THE MONUMENTAL 420 teaser “Workin” [YouTube]Rev Theory – Hell Yeah! [YouTube]