EMI Still Doing All It Can To Cash In On Radiohead’s Back Catalog


Now that Best Buy has announced its plans to give over shelf space to vinyl, EMI-owned Capitol Records is getting in on the “special vinyl editions” act, starting a vinyl-only remaster series called “From The Capitol Vaults.” All the 12-inch records will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl, while all the 10-inch records (!!) will be on 140-gram vinyl. (No word on whether, like Coldplay’s recent album, the remastered records will have download cards or CDs for ripping purposes packaged in with them; one would hope the executives at Capitol won’t make the grievous error of saying, “oh, anyone who will buy this would have it on CD/their portable music device of choice already,” but I have little faith.) Perhaps unsurprisingly, given that its fans have already shown their ownership of record players/fetishism of the vinyl format, reissued Radiohead albums make up five of the series’ initial eight releases; the full list of reissues, and their packaging, is after the jump. (One of the things is very much not like the over.)

– A Perfect Circle / Mer de Noms (2 LPs, gatefold jacket, satin stock, diecut white sleeves) – Coldplay / Parachutes (1 LP, printed sleeve) – Coldplay / A Rush Of Blood To The Head (1 LP, printed sleeve) – Radiohead / OK Computer (2 LPs, gatefold jacket, color labels, printed sleeves) – Radiohead / Kid A (2 10″ 140-gram LPs, gatefold jacket, printed sleeves, color labels) – Radiohead / Hail To The Thief (2 LPs, gatefold jacket, printed sleeves) – Radiohead / Amnesiac (2 10″ 140-gram LPs, gatefold jacket, printed sleeves, color labels) – Steve Miller Band / Greatest Hits 1974-78 (1 LP, printed sleeve, color label)

You’d thnk that the Steve Miller Band reissue would be on a gatefold jacket for all those “midnight tokers,” but I guess Capitol ran out of money for packaging after all the Radiohead rigamarole was done.

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