EMI Still Doing All It Can To Cash In On Radiohead’s Back Catalog

httt.jpgNow that Best Buy has announced its plans to give over shelf space to vinyl, EMI-owned Capitol Records is getting in on the “special vinyl editions” act, starting a vinyl-only remaster series called “From The Capitol Vaults.” All the 12-inch records will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl, while all the 10-inch records (!!) will be on 140-gram vinyl. (No word on whether, like Coldplay’s recent album, the remastered records will have download cards or CDs for ripping purposes packaged in with them; one would hope the executives at Capitol won’t make the grievous error of saying, “oh, anyone who will buy this would have it on CD/their portable music device of choice already,” but I have little faith.) Perhaps unsurprisingly, given that its fans have already shown their ownership of record players/fetishism of the vinyl format, reissued Radiohead albums make up five of the series’ initial eight releases; the full list of reissues, and their packaging, is after the jump. (One of the things is very much not like the over.)

- A Perfect Circle / Mer de Noms (2 LPs, gatefold jacket, satin stock, diecut white sleeves)
- Coldplay / Parachutes (1 LP, printed sleeve)
- Coldplay / A Rush Of Blood To The Head (1 LP, printed sleeve)
- Radiohead / OK Computer (2 LPs, gatefold jacket, color labels, printed sleeves)
- Radiohead / Kid A (2 10″ 140-gram LPs, gatefold jacket, printed sleeves, color labels)
- Radiohead / Hail To The Thief (2 LPs, gatefold jacket, printed sleeves)
- Radiohead / Amnesiac (2 10″ 140-gram LPs, gatefold jacket, printed sleeves, color labels)
- Steve Miller Band / Greatest Hits 1974-78 (1 LP, printed sleeve, color label)

You’d thnk that the Steve Miller Band reissue would be on a gatefold jacket for all those “midnight tokers,” but I guess Capitol ran out of money for packaging after all the Radiohead rigamarole was done.

Capitol Launches Vinyl Campaign [Hypebot]

  • Ned Raggett

    So much for that Beatles band.

  • GhostOfDuane

    No gatefold for Steve Miller’s greatest? Norton Buffalo will not be pleased.

  • Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Without getting into a huge debate over “which sounds better”, couldn’t it be argued that the major appeal of vinyl is that it’s a hipster, counter cultural response to the iPod generation. In that, music is a treasure that should be sought after and found, and not some dispoasable dreck that you listen to out of tinny laptop speakers?

    But with that being said, does vinyl being sold at Best Buy, an electronics store, sort of negate those good feelings of irony that vinyl listners love. Would anyone who legitmally shops at Best Buy for music actually purchase a vinyl from them?

  • Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    @Dead Air ummm Dead Air: Also, I’m a dope and missed the Best Buy post from a few days ago. I mistakenly wrote it in this EMI posting. Sorry.

  • Captain Wrong

    @Dead Air ummm Dead Air: Yes. Yes to both points.

    @Ned Raggett: AFAIK, the Beatles stuff has been and still is in print on vinyl. I know Love, 62-66, 67-70 and #1 are because I saw them in the gift shop for the Love show in Vegas. (I know, I know. The wife loves ‘em.) I’m pretty sure the rest are easily available but if not, there’s only like 36 billion vintage copies out there.

    And hasn’t the Radiohead catalog been immortalized on double 10″ vinyl at least once already? In fact, I’m 100% sure of it, thought they may have been import. *yawn*

  • The Illiterate

    Damn, I was hoping the the 10 inchers would be early Sinatra albums. Now that’s a vinyl fanbase.

  • Anonymous

    And of course, as mentioned earlier, Vivid is releasing a 10-inch Hendrix project…

  • Halfwit

    @Captain Wrong: I think Ned’s referring to remasters the original albums (UK or US versions, blah blah blah). I’ve honestly avoided buying any of the CDs for about 2 years because I KNOW they’re about to do something awesome with the originals. I can’t be the only withholding my money to avoid instant buyer’s remorse.

    @Dead Air ummm Dead Air: As one of those who has (to an extent) bought into the vinyl fad (and I recognize that, in the grand scheme, it probably is a fad), I can agree with qualifications that you’re right. For me, it’s about a) trying to find some way to assign value to music again, and b) building my living room around something other than my tv. In both cases, it’s worked really well for me so far — and I’ve only really bought new releases at this point.

  • Halfwit

    Also, blatant cash-in or not, I’ve never actually owned “Kid A” and would definitely wait to buy it on vinyl.

  • Anonymous

    The new execs at EMI have apparently never heard of ‘returns’.

    Maybe they’ll use the Capitol Tower to store all this plastic once Best Buy ships it back to them.

  • iantenna

    @owenmeany: if you think capitol is going to have a hard time selling radiohead vinyl (to best buy or whoever else) you are out of your mind. as long as they don’t press 100k of each title they’ll be raking in the money on this one, i’d expect they do probably 25k of each title.

    @Dead Air ummm Dead Air: obviously this doesn’t apply to new vinyl, but there’s also the fact that, even in this day and age, a ton of shit from the last 50 years is still only available on vinyl, or on some outrageously expensive import cd that may or may not be a bootleg.

  • ghostyhead

    @owenmeany: Vinyl has been, for the most part, non-returnable to the major labels for many years now.

  • Captain Wrong

    @Halfwit: Yeah, though I mentioned the hits stuff, I’m still 95% sure that the proper albums are still avaliable on vinyl brand new. As for remasters, don’t hold your breath. Every year, for at least the last ten, I’ve heard the rumor that remasters are due in the current year. Still waiting… ;)

  • nosebleed

    what everyone is failing to notice, is that these releases will be vinyl versions of the CD/digital releases and aren’t going to be re-mastered for vinyl.

    so all those warm lows, and tinny highs – not here. just a cheap pressing onto vinyl.

    thanks for thinking of music fans guys.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody needs Radiohead remasters…for what…louder more compressed sound then they already have??!?!

    No offense directed at anyone…
    Just you KNOW that someone is gonna fuck this up and make it unlistenable…

    As for vinyl…I figure that if an album was recorded in analog then put it out in analog…meaning…if the tapes to use are a choice between a digital file and the master analog tape…then use the tape! If you have the choice and don’t, you are just posing and defeating why vinyl sounds so damn good!

    Also..The Beatles stuff is just the same as the CD’s…with their resolution (16Bit/44.1KHz) so you aren’t doing yourself any favours…
    Wanna get The Beatles stuff which will sound the best?
    Go get UK copies that were put out BEFORE 1986 when they made a digital mess of the catalog…(want me to give a couple of examples that will make your skin crawl? Ok here they are…
    Please Please Me
    With The Beatles
    A Hard Day’s Night
    Beatles For Sale – all played back on the wrong tape machine…mono tapes played back on a stereo unit and then summed to mono so everything is phasing and sounds like shit…
    Rubber Soul – digital remixes…meaning the original 1965 mixes haven’t been available since 1986…(except in Canada from 1989-1994 and that was a mistake! That’s why some of the CD’s are going for big bucks of that issue…)
    Revolver – played back on the wrong tape head – so it’s out of phase
    Pepper – the master was missing and a safety was used…
    MMT – not bad – probably the best here
    White – again not bad
    Yellow Sub – well “Only A Northern Song” is still fake stereo so that can’t be good
    Abbey Road – Ok, but they were getting into tape hiss fear which doesn’t matter with this music as there is barely any hiss on Beatles masters (except for I Want You and the hiss is MEANT to be there!)
    Let It Be – not bad..

    Notice how I didn’t say stellar or anything…meaning…this is the same mess the LP’s are made from…
    These records in order to be preserved in the way that they were meant to sound…I guarantee you that any EMI Parlophone record from the days of the group up until the mid 80′s will wipe the snot out of any currently available Beatles record….

    Rant over!

  • Anonymous

    @iantenna: I think Best Buy is going to have a hard time selling Radiohead vinyl, yes. Does Best Buy even sell record PLAYERS anymore?

  • Anonymous

    @ghostyhead: Wow, so a Capitol salesperson was able to do a one-way sale to Best Buy?? If so, he just saved his gig.

  • nate

    Uh, you do realize that Radiohead recorded everything analog from Kid A forward — so they don’t hit the digital domain for these LP releases?