The Garth Brooks Blood Feast Time Forgot

garth.jpgI originally planned on ending my post about Red Roof Hotels with a reference to Garth Brooks’ “The Red Strokes,” a song from his 1993 album In Pieces that was never officially released to country radio despite an expensive video that allegedly took 5,000 gallons of paint, 12 white Stetson cowboy hats, 18 full tuxes, and six baby grand pianos to make. Maybe the fact that the video shows Garth bathing in sheets of blood as he screams “Passions uncaged! Thundering moments of tenderness rage!” had something to do with its less-than-aggressive promotion. (It was even left off Brooks’ Ultimate Hits DVD.) The clip and a description of its most horrifying moments wait below.

0:00 – we see a pool of red paint (or blood, let’s just call it blood) on the floor of a white studio.

0:06 – Garth, head tilted, wearing a white hat and matching suit, rises out of the red mess staring at us and playing a white baby grand.

0:25 – The blood drains underneath his foot pedals, and Garth gives us a knowing stare. “Two shadows starting to softly combine…”

1:09 – Following the first chorus, Garth wipes his hand across the screen, dripping blood and revealing the silhouette of a cowboy at dusk tossing his hat in the air.

1:32 – Blood splashes across Garth and the piano every time he moans “ooohhh…the red strokes!”

1:59 – As a guitar solo begins, the camera pans away from the white-suited Garth at the piano bench to reveal another Garth in red and black, playing the six-string in question and giving us an equally creepy-ass stare.

2:23 – Garth cries “the blues will be blue…” as blue paint drips out of his fingers and onto the keys.

2:28 – “…And the jealousy’s green” accompanies a shot of dollops of green paint oozing out of Garth’s pant legs and on the floor.

2:30 – A torrent of blood far more violent than Carrie’s falls from the ceiling, staining the walls, covering the piano and pouring on Garth’s head as he screams “when love picks its’ shade, it demands to be seen!”

2:40 – The blood, like all the colours before it, disappear from the stage, but Garth’s intensity remains constant.

2:54 – Overcome with emotion, Garth clenches his right fist and shakes it as he sings “fearlessly drawn!”

3:02 – Blood seeps out from inside the piano as Garth crashing into the chorus for the umpteenth time.

3:10 – Garth flashes us a look that says “I know that blood is pouring out of my piano and I am entirely ok with that. In fact, it feels good. Patrick Bateman good.”

3:12 – Blood has covered the entire floor, as Garth kicks his feet in the red muck.

3:22 The walls are streaked with red, as the blood appears to be moving up towards the roof.

3:29 – The blood disappears again. A post-orgasmic Brooks places his hands atop the piano and sings “Steam on the windows, salt in a kiss. Two hearts have never pounded like this.” The camera pans upward, as blood drips from above, covering the frame in red.

Oh, the red strokes Tempered and strong Burning the night like the dawn…

Be very afraid.

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