Cartel Goes From Dr Pepper’s Bubble To Wind-Up’s 360-Degree Deal

cartel.jpgThey’ve crafted a video valentine to MySpace and entered into an ill-fated promotional venture with a soda pop and MTV, so if one thing’s for sure, it’s that Atlanta bubble-punk outfit Cartel is more than willing to give up personal freedom for a crack at mass attention, even if huge sales have eluded them up to this point. Perhaps this 90th-rate Superchunk will find the fame they’ve been bending over backwards for thanks to signing one of those those of-the-moment, all-encompassing 360 deals with Wind-Up Records, which has the likes of Creed and Finger Eleven on its list of past successes.

Cartel front man Will Pugh enthusiastically commented, “We are very excited to announce that we have signed with Wind-up Records. The overwhelmingly positive familial atmosphere of the label has us looking forward to what is certain to be a lasting and successful relationship. We’re extremely eager to begin this new chapter in the life of Cartel. All five of us sincerely appreciate and thank our fans for their continuous heartfelt support throughout the lifetime of the band, especially over the last nine months or so. With a new label home firmly secured and fresh winds filling our sails we foresee bigger and better opportunities for us to continue to grow and thrive as a band, while building off the same foundational elements that we have always embraced: hard work, endless touring, good vibes and fantastic fan-friendly relations.”

Well, maybe that Wind-Up has invested in Cartel’s career as a whole, things will work out better than last time, when the half-assed marketing campaign not only didn’t work, it almost killed people. But it’s hard not to think that Pugh makes the whole deal sound a little bit like the opening of a Champions Sports Bar & Grill.

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