The Game, Upset With Lack Of Friends, Cries “I Don’t Wanna Be A Part Of Hip-Hop No More…”

poorgame.jpgWhen I began reading about The Game’s disappointment with the rap community for not joining him on a track about the Sean Bell tragedy, I felt sympathetic. Finally, the Game decides to get topical and stop talking about other rappers, and no one’s willing to stick their neck out and help. “Nobody wanna stand up and be a man. We don’t have a problem putting out a mixtape dissing each other but the people that you say or claim to hate so much, which is, or the situation that render us helpless like police brutality, excessive force, people using the shield to really deal the wrong way with human beings, you know, like nobody wanna stand-up for that except me.” Then I heard the track in question, titled “911 Is A Joke/Cop Killer,” released to little attention in late April. Is he really surprised that no one wanted to be on a track with lines like “so shine them fuckin’ lights in the back of my car/I might kill yo ass in 2000 raw?” Or “I should kill 51 cops for the 51 shots?” Not to mention, “[I’m] The Beastie Boys when I grab a fuckin’ mic on the stage?”

Other lines of note::

I get funkier than the funky drummer in the Roots band, stomp harder than muthafuckin’ Jodeci boots and…

I refuse to let a pig run away from a farm, and put them muthafuckin’ handcuffs on my arm

I bet the government got Obama in the scope…

…Kick shit like I was born with a muthafuckin’ soccer field on my lawn.

The pen ain’t nothin’ but a family reunion, full of n—as that don’t give a fuck about a bad cop. That Denzel in Training Day shit’ll get yo ass shot.

Despite his desire to speak out about Sean Bell’s death, The Game didn’t seem to actually remember the victim’s name, instead referring to him as “that fucking kid in New York.” But over the last few months, no one must have bothered to point out to the Game that shouting “cop killer!” may not be the best response (maybe The Game feels ignored by the Hip-Hop Police), and that crafting a chorus out of two ’90s classics doesn’t put him in the pantheon so much as reaffirm an embarrassing pathology. So The Game, suffering from album delays (L.A.X. is now planned for Aug. 26) and a lack of friends that understand his plight, has been left crying “I don’t wanna be a part of hip-hop anymore!” in an interview with Music Choice. Literally, crying.

Shit is fucked up, man it’s just, people just don’t understand man. And that’s why I don’t wanna be a part of hip-hop anymore. Every–, it just ain’t right, man. And hip-hop just didn’t used to be like this, you know. Like, it’s not why I do it. It’s not why I’m here.

…I don’t belong in this hip-hop…I belong in like, the old hip-hop…N.W.A. [and] Public Enemy, people that really stood. Queen Latifah, MC Lyte…Fuck this hip-hop, I don’t wanna co-exist with these cats no more.

Ah, the tears of a clown.

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