Soulja Boy Drops More Straight-Up Garbage

AP071217034215.jpgMan, am I conflicted about this new Soulja Boy video, “Donk.” On first listen, it sounded like Ice-T’s worst fears writ large: A kid yelping about asses and humping the clap beat like Luke was sponsoring a Miami Bass Special Olympics. The moves in the video barely even seemed to correlate to the music while looking like they were given more consideration than the music itself. But with its almost wanton tempo shifts and monotonous typewriter drums, this is just the rap equivalent of Slipknot, something flashy and aggressive for the kids that many adults simply do not need in their life. Plus, what do you really want from the fifth single off an album that had one sole major success, especially if that success was “Crank Dat?” [Pop Eater]

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