Going Back With Primal Scream

Jul 15th, 2008 // 15 Comments

Blog world, you aren’t doing me a damn bit of good if you don’t, at the very least, alert me to new Primal Scream videos. “Can’t Go Back” is a precursor to next week’s UK release of Beautiful Future, the band’s ninth studio album. Despite a few missteps (a duet with Kate Moss?), I still get excited by the prospect of new music from the band, which is more than I can say for most acts formed in 1982 that are still kicking around (cough, cough, James). Also: A new Primal Scream video is a perfect opportunity to look back at other highlights from the band’s videography.


“Movin’ On Up”



“If They Move, Kill ‘Em” (from Later with Jools Holland)

“Miss Lucifer”

Primal Scream [Official site]


  1. Dan Gibson

    There’s one Primal Scream video I totally forgot earlier, sorry:

  2. Ned Raggett

    And I was wearing my Screamadelica shirt yesterday and all.

    My favorite PS story remains the fact that they were terrified by Dave Gahan’s drug intake when they toured with Depeche.

  3. bcapirigi

    I’ve never understood the appeal of Primal Scream, no matter how much I felt like I should like them (they were an early Creation band! they were on Britpop samplers I got in high school! They sang Some Velvet Morning!) but I was always let down (they’re the only early Creation band I have no affection for! Frankly I’d rather be listening to Ocean Colour Scene! How the hell could someone make Some Velvet Morning so boring?!)

  4. Ned Raggett

    @bcapirigi: Frankly I’d rather be listening to Ocean Colour Scene!

    Steady on.

    I can’t imagine ANYONE being a constant fan of everything they’ve done. They seem like they best exist as a protean band for whoever is producing and/or collaborating with them at the time to do things with.

  5. Dick Laurent is dead.

    I really enjoy their electro take on “Some Velvet Morning”, but I find them very hit-and-miss…say, everytime they decide to be the Rolling Stones.

  6. amandacobra

    Note to Primal Scream: We get it. You know Kate Moss. Please stop duetting with her now. Thanks.

  7. Captain Wrong


    I like Primal Scream, even if they are wildly inconsistent. Just picked up Sonic Flower Groove (finally) yesterday, in fact. I can see how they’re not everyone’s bag though. When I was doing radio, the Scream were one of the bands I loved that my co-host just did not get the appeal of.

  8. Cheap Shot

    Say what you will about them. I went to a live show in support of
    Evil Heat and had my face blown off.

  9. NickEddy

    Is Mani still on bass?

    Don’t want to hold up that Freebass record!


  10. cassidy2099

    Vanshing Point and XTRMNTR are hall of fame levels of awesome. At the same time, their output after these records left much to be desired.

  11. moulty

    No question that Primal Scream peaked at least eight years ago, more depending on your tastes. Still, you can’t not love the band that gave the world “Velocity Girl”, “Loaded”, “Rocks” AND “Shoot Speed/Kill Light”.

  12. bcapirigi

    @moulty: Sure you can!

  13. Anonymous

    more jah wobble please

  14. KinetiQ

    If there are any Audio Surf fans in the audience (and I imagine there are quite a few) try ‘Swastika Eyes’ off of XTRMNTR – it’s absolutely insane.

  15. Anonymous

    I wish they would have stayed with what they were doing with XTRMNTR(Kevin Shields brought the noise). EVIL HEAT wasn’t horrible, but going back to the bullsh*t Stones sound was. The two cuts I heard from the new album are yet another direction for the band. It might sell in the UK.

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