Canada’s “Idol” Hopefuls Try To Emulate The Thin White Duke

Jul 15th, 2008 // 3 Comments

canadianidollogo.jpgThere are moments when I really think Canada is cooler than these United States, like when I dig out my Eric’s Trip discs to have something to listen to as I write out the check that pays for my health insurance. However, last night’s Canadian Idol was a mixed bag. Sure, the night was dedicated to the music of David Bowie, but as is sometimes the case with Idol tribute nights, the contestants got in the way.

To start: If you’re thinking about highlights of Bowie’s body of work, would you–or anyone–think to include “Cat People”? Katherine St-Laurent of Otterburn Park did.

Or “Dancing In The Streets”? (Then again, the guy performing it is wearing a vest and did perform a Gavin DeGraw song two weeks ago.)

Still, any opportunity to have 20-year-olds sing multiple tracks from Ziggy Stardust is a plus, especially considering those of us south of the border had a week with the Andrew Lloyd Webber catalog this year.

Canadian Idol even has a contestant who plays the drums while singing! How difficult is it to move up there, anyway? If the producers are reading, please know that I’m willing and able to replace that Farley Flex character and provide the blogger point of view.

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  1. Thierry

    As a Canadian, I really feel like I should apologize for these contestants (esp. that godawful Perez Hilton lookalike).

    On the other hand, Canadian Idol was also responsible for this gem of a performance:

  2. G3K

    That is the most epic performance in Idol history – you beat me to posting the video. I cried a little.

  3. joshservo


    I’m gonna go ahead and say this Earl kid isn’t so bad. Maybe he could be Buck 64?

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