Your Capitol Echo Chamber (Chamber) Update (Update)

Jul 15th, 2008 // 3 Comments

capitol.jpgLots of people (including us, sorta) were all freaked out about the condo construction next to the famed Capitol Records building’s studios and what affect the giant underground parking garage might have on the studio’s famed echo chambers. Thankfully, a compromise has been worked out between the builders and Capitol that can allow Katy Perry to record unlistenable b-sides at the studio and overpriced condos to be built. Terms that have no meaning to me whatsoever like “sound baffle” are being thrown around in the settlement, but in the end, it’s probably good to keep somewhat irreplaceable things like the echo chambers intact, even if it slows the inevitable encroachment of condos. [LAist]

  1. Chris N.

    I’m sensing some cognitive snark dissidence. Why freak out about the echo chambers’ viability if their primary usage will be “allow[ing] Katy Perry to record unlistenable b-sides at the studio”?

  2. Maura Johnston

    @Chris N.: History, man. History.

  3. Dan Gibson

    @Chris N.: I don’t even know how to feel anymore, man.

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