Meet The Guy Who Tried To Fool Canada Into Thinking He Was David Lee Roth

ainttalkinboutdave.jpgThe guy who got pulled over while driving under the influence of nuts and tried to explain away his crimes by waving around his scarves claiming he was David Lee Roth has been unmasked: His name’s David Kuntz, and he’s a musician who’s been tooling around Ontario for a number of years. According to the Globe & Mail, Kuntz celebrated slipping through the fingers of the law last month by “[breezing] into a Brantford bar with a few women in hospital scrubs on his arm…. between sips of orange juice mixed with ginger ale and cranberry juice, [he] climbed onstage with a local band and belted out a few bars of ‘Ice Cream Man,’ an early Van Halen tune.” Sounds like the opening to the “Just A Gigolo” video, no? But as it turns out, people do know about the part Kuntz has been playing for years.

As himself, Mr. Kuntz has led a less-than-smooth life since he left home in Cambridge in the early 1980s at age 18.

“We’ve lost contact with him,” his father, also named David Kuntz, said yesterday, adding that the last he heard, his son was living near Chilliwack, B.C. “I don’t know what he’s doing.”

In July of 1988, the younger Mr. Kuntz, who had a band called Madjesty, found himself at the apex of a deadly love triangle, when one of the two women he had been seeing killed the other in a jealous rage. Kimberly Blinkhorn, 28, slashed and stabbed 21-year-old Rowena Parsons 70 times, and was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.

“This is something I have to deal with every day,” Mr. Kuntz, who at the time called himself David Angel, told The Globe and Mail after the trial in September, 1989.

What do you say to that? Even pointing out that it sounds like the seedier flip side to one of Roth’s multi-lady fantasies seems kind of, well, grim.

Imposter sings, jumps – and dupes Van Halen fans [Globe & Mail via DListed]

  • encyclopediablack

    If that was my last name, I’d tell them I was David Lee Roth too.

    Note: Who would confuse that guy with David Lee Roth?

  • Ned Raggett

    So that’s who the Butthole Surfers wrote the song about.

  • NickEddy

    Isn’t that Jimmy Iovine?

  • Nicolars

    He looks more like Marc Jacobs than Diamond Dave.

  • nervda

    That’s an insane story that needs to be made into a TV movie of the week. Starring David Lee Roth, naturally.

  • Anonymous

    Can you really blame him for his false identity? The world needs as many Little Dreamers as it can hold.

  • Captain Wrong

    C’mon. It’s clearly Dave Letterman.

  • okiedoke

    But he’s wearing Bono’s glasses and etherial smile. If this guy can sing (or clean public restrooms), send him to Guy Hands.

  • anonymous

    I met David Kuntz in vancouver BC back in 2006, when he was living in Chilliwack, BC. He was staying at a high end boutique hotel in Downtown Vancouver for free under the deception that he was David Lee Roth.. He had me convinced for a few weeks that he was David Lee Roth and then I caught on… I still befriended him as I was amazed at his skills in music and his ability to charm people.. He has an amazing charisma!

    Anyway this guy has had a child, a baby girl named Rowena, who was born in late 2007.
    Last time I saw him he was trying to get back to Ontario to try to patch things up with his father… Then a few months later this story of him having the allergic reaction and passing himself off as David Lee Roth came out.

    There were many of us in Vancouver who befriended David. Many high profile people in fact.. We all urged him to quit the David Lee Roth charade as it was going to never lead him anywhere.. He had talent of his own that could carry him….

    But to be honest I have to agree with the comments that he may be a sociopath.. It is probably true…

    A true tragedy because this man is so so very talented and doesn’t even know it… But his biggest downfall is his addiction to drugs.

    Where ever you are David may you be at peace with yourself and may you be taking care of that beautiful little girl.

    Dude, go get the counseling and medical help you need.. You’ll come out ahead in the end.

  • chap

    He is living in Hope BC- and his daughters are so cute. He is still an addict and he makes his (sometimes very lucrative living) off of others- presenting himself as all kinds of things. I believe he has managed to swindle off of some very gullible people. I think his eldest daughter Rowena may have had some serious illness. He will lie about anything though, so I am not sure. He will not be able to stay in Hope much longer- his deception is catching up to him. I think his wife may have left him…………. after all that is known about him and what he has done I am amazed he can still suck people in. He presents as capable, clean and then once he realizes that he has gotten all he can out of people with that pretense then he pulls the “addict, victim” card. Not that I don’t feel for addicts I do……….but not ones who when they are clean are deliberately ripping people off. Yes he might really be a sociopath. I just don’t get how he keeps going and doing what he does. Especially here in a small town………..

  • M. Dean Hajas

    Hi everyone,
    I’m the one he stayed with last in Oakland Ontario. Dave called me from one of the members of Madjesty. He blew into town (Cambridge) after a lapse of over 20 years. He asked me if I “would grant him audience”, and would I listen to his apologies. I agreeed, and we met for coffee. The irony of this initial contact, unbenouced to former mayor of Brantford Chris Friel, Dave purchased a $4.00 coffee for Chris. Dave has the incredible abilities to creat beyond what the average person could even conceive. He’s a one man fully orchestrated symphony, and people buy into his stories because people want to believe the impossible. After all, people by into the OLG, and early retirement, financial schemes extrodinaire. (Robert Madeoff). Most live in the mondane, and when David Angel aka David Kuntz rolls into town, his charisma dwarfs the multituldes. He’s able to harness this energy and surf with the on lookers in a gift of entertainment, that quite simply leaves people wanting and hoping for more. I would like to dispell on his behalf a twisted fact by the media. The murder case that has been referred to by all was cleverly manipulated by representation for Kim. After all, a desperate act would produce desperate maniputlations, wouldn’t it. They tried to intermingle Satan and devil worship into the pot. Having lived with both during the time of this tragedy I recount only that Solmon Rushdies Satanic Verses, was the only clear book or physical evidence to this fact. I was called by RCMP when living in London England, and asked if I would character witness on Kim’s behalf. My response was simply “I believe Kim has already been witnessed. She found herself on a ride similar to all of us that have had the pleasure of meeeting Dave. You find yourself in full support of his stories, and when you realize the depth that you have allowed yourself to be taken in, it’s painfully obvious that it’s too late. That being said, even after all that transpires, those of us with good hearts find that we are willing to overlook his defects, and assist in furthering the surf. It’s not his fault he’s so gifted at Tom f***ery, the victim is as much to blame, for the stupidity to aide time and time again. I’ve found myself in a prediciment with Dave, and it produced 3 weeks worth of World Wide Headline News. I see him as an opportunist, with a genuine heart. He has an enormous amount of talents, which are not limited by what the average allow themselves to be limited by the oppressing factors of life. He’s a champion of the dream and is able to have vision that people want to be part of. I’ve seen him sit, live, party, write, eat, laugh, arrested, and beaten with the Upper Crust of society. They love him. Let’s remember, the Kings of days gone, have been completely bored out of their skulls. They need people like Dave to remind them of the tast and pain of life. Dave endures and comes up smelling like Roses, no matter what he has done, Entertainment from Dave is sure to happen, if you want to believe. It’s a neccessary element in the outcome, otherwise he truly would be the fool.

    Luv you Man.


    • pschnell10

      Hey all!
      I shared my home in Portland, Oregon with David and his supposed wife, Alexandria, in the late 90s. She was working as a stripper here in Portland, and she and David were trying to live off her meager earnings, while supporting their very serious addictions to crytsal meth. I was duped, as described by Turtle, and feel very foolish to this day. I have a LOT of stories, that range from his enormous talent, to some of the most wreched experiences one could ever imagine. David (he never referred to himself as “Dave,) is very clearly a narcissist, con artist, pathological liar, and musical genius. After I removed David and company (rockers, strippers, drug dealers, etc.) from my home, I have often wonderd what became of him. I’m the first to admit that I had alot of fun and excitement – but it’s an experience that I never wish to repeat. I wonder who he’s screwing now…literally AND figuratively.


  • hope

    Hi, Well lets go back a number of years (say about 5). David and his wife Danielle arrived in Hope with their daughter Rowena (named after the murdered girlfriend of David – google it) and their other daughter. They hit up every charitable place and person they could. And once again through AA – he was for a bit David Lee Roth and also a producer/lawyer etc. for Guns and Roses. He stole, manipulated, ripped off thousands (if not hundreds of thousands of dollars) from legit people -who were good people and these are bright intelligent people. He ripped off businesses , he robbed people from their homes and the stories continue. His latest is that his daughter Rowena is a heart patient very ill who had a serious operation – gone wrong, but she seems just fine. He and his wife continue to use fraudulent means to get whatever the hell they want and drugs galore. Not one word of this is a lie. It is beyond belief. He can pull so many people in for a short time and rip them off. He can also be very defensive, offensive and down right insolent when he caught up against a wall in one of his scams. He has so many people who could press charges and are too embarrassed – and he knows how to pick them. He still walks through Hope and I know a few people are wanting to take a baseball bat to hiim. He has destroyed some peoples lives and can look you in the eye and say I did not, it was someone else who did it – via David himself, Like they gave him fake credit cards, like they stole money from the houses he was re decorating when that was his current title. His wife can be quiet and passive, but if she is involved in one of his scams watch out- her true colors come out (could it be fear? she has two beautiful children and she is probably feeling stuck). He has isolated her from friends and family. He is a menace and although I would always support an addict in recovery a sociopath is most likely not ever going to change, ever. David is alive and well and looking pretty bad (I think it is the drugs and the stress between rip offs). His kids look ok- but my goodness are they ok? What the hell is going to happen? I pray for them and I pray that David somehow lets them free. Remember he doesn’t see his three year old that witnessed the murder of Rowena (his girlfriend who was murdered by his other girlfriend). My goodness if people know more, speak out – someone has to put a stop to this destruction……I know people who have lost their entire life savings and who have been emotionally destroyed by this man. Please if you know something share it. The police can’t do much more then whatever ends up in the courts……and some stuff has- but nothing much. He is going to scam for as long as he can. I am interested to hear anything about him and his wife. I again stress pray this woman and her kids will be ok. If someone can reach out to her (she is never alone for long- he keeps her under his wrath) please try and help her and the kids. I myself know child services and the police are aware and I know that nothing has been done. That is not because there is not anything seriously wrong going on- it is because not enough people are SPEAKING UP~ he may be fun to party with – but he might leave with whatever he can get his hands on. He may appear to love his kids, but don’t forget he is using them as pawns in every scam he can. Whew- got it out. Oh yeah- I was ripped off and I could have not been- I wanted to believe he was doing something for his kids and I wanted to be able to pay some bills- so much for that I got taken for everything. I am making sure as many people in this small town know what he is doing, but he still gets away with it. Hope someone else will share.

  • hope

    one more thing=- can you imagine naming your daughter after your murdered girlfriend- I wonder if his wife new that – when they named Rowena?? hmmm……….

  • Doril Kerr

    Attention to the Hope Writer,

    I am Danielle’s mom and I have been worried sick for over 2 years now for my daughter and her 2 little girls. Please leave a message and let me know where they live in Hope, B.C. Thank you

  • Dahlia Kerr

    Attention to the “hope” writer

    I am David’s children’s cousin and Danielle’s neice. That man is a monster and he ruined my families life. No one will stop him, not the government, the courts, child protection, no one, nothing. If you could email me at regarding some information where David, Danielle and my cousins are that would be great. If you know where they are living that would be even greater, I have something I could show people that would really make them want to kill David. He is much much more than just a con man, he has committed almost every crime possible. We need to stop this sick twisted monster, please anyone if you have any information please email me, it’s at the cost of his childrens lives. They aren’t safe living with him. Please email me.

    Sincerely Dahlia Kerr

  • He needs to go to jail


  • David is messed

    this guy is a freak, total non stop liar, steals everything, and hes a fricken child rapist… dot trust this man with your young girls

  • Whats wrong with him

    He needs to be locked up, hes a child rapist, hes committed so many crimes.. and he has never been punished, like others have said on here dont trust this man around your kids.

  • Dahlia Kerr

    This guy is so messed up, I saw these flyers posted around hope b.c saying that he was a child molester, after reading these comments from other people I know it must be true. Its disgusting that these people are allowed freedom and have not gone to jail for what they have done to their victims.

    • Dahlia Kerr

      How did that comment post, wtf, was not from me, first one was.

  • hope

    To Danielle’s Mom- Please re post on here. I am a slightly confused- are you saying someone hacked into your email to post one of your messages? Also in regards to the cousin who left her address – I am wondering are you both on the same page and together looking for Danielle.. I am wondering if you have been in contact with the local Hope RCMP? I will answer with another post – once I am clear if this is Danielle’s mom and her cousin – who are looking for them. I wish only the best for Danielle and those two young girls. I will keep checking to see if you repost

  • hope

    Sorry- I did confuse Danielle’s niece with Danielle’s mom. So let me clarify………..
    I am wanting to know if Danielle’s mom- Doril and Dahlia are you in contact with one another- in essence sharing information in regards to this family’s whereabouts?
    Of course, I want to make sure I don’t give information that can be used to David’s advantage to stay away………..
    Dahlia- which message is not from you on this posting?
    Please let me know via this posting if either or both of you have information about the safety of these children- are they safe or are they not. What I do not understand is was the ministry of children and family’s not involved with Danielle and David?
    Again- please let me know if you want me to be in contact………thank you.


  • Dahlia

    Hi thanks so much for replying, to clarify I am Danielle’s neice, Doril is my grandma, danielles mom, ect. I am in contact with my grandma but both my grandma and I have not seen David, Danielle, or Rowena and Aradia in 2 years. There are certain things that I would rather not say on here, like you said giving David an advantage. Please email me at, and I could contact you on there, or you can re comment on here saying that you would rather not and just communicate on here. I am fine with that too.
    In reguards to the second comment I posted something messed up with my computer. It copied and pasted something, im not sure. Anyways please contact me asap, either on here or through my email.
    Thanks so much for replying.

  • Dahlia

    So just to clarify again my second comment was a mess up, computer error. To answer some of your other questions, his children are not safe, and like I said hopefully you can email me so I can tell the rest I dont want to say too much on the internet, David could see this after all.

  • hope

    Danielle’s mom- I am worried that you have not posted again…………are you still looking for your daughter and if so please be honest and tell us are you aware of what David is really like? All these people who say he has a good hear and then in the same breath say he is a liar and scammer? I am going to try and post more later if you post again.

  • hope

    i meant to say heart rather then he has a good “hear”
    i want to talk to Danielle’s mom on here and also her cousin
    I also want people who think they are helping David with addiction or thinking of his good side to honestly think of these two little girls and if you know something recent in regards to David- speak up and share.

  • Dahlia Kerr

    Hi I just wanted to post this to tell you I am going to get my grandmother to reply right away, hopefully you will see this soon.

  • hope

    I have sent you an email- to both of you……….:)

  • janet

    My friends and I spent some time with David recently, and yes he is back doing drugs.
    I think the kids are fine. David and Danielle are in Ontario with David’s family. They are there to look after there oldest daughter and get her the healthcare she deserves. David is one fine person and he just has a drug addiction. Danielle is quiet and I think she needs help. I had fun with them and did not think that David was abusing the kids,he was very gentle with the kids and he was very generous with his friends. I would have liked Dave to stay in the program and get help, but hey he tries. I think that he is a decent guy with a low self esteem. I didn’t see these family members around them at all, not sure where they live- but not in Hope. I hope Dave comes back to hope and lives his dream out here…….to have healthy kids and play his music. Good luck to you Dave.

  • Dahlia

    this is an update to the comments, I just want to sayto Danielle if you ever see this do not hesitate to contact your true family if you ever need help, we do no hold grudges against you we just want to be with you and Rowena and Aradia again, we just want to see them again We all miss them so much. If you ever need to contact us please just comment below and give an email that I can contact you with. Danielle you need your family and we need you. If you see this please please, I urge you to contact us its been to long we want to see you again. Love your neice dahlia