Fonzworth Bentley Invites Friends Over For Dressing Up, Rapping, Choreography

Jul 16th, 2008 // 7 Comments

“Like Lancome lipstick, scarlet/And frankly, I really do care, my dear.” Besides entering Fonzworth Bentley in the mini-pantheon of R&B artists who’ve quoted Rhett Butler (the only other example I can think of is Chic’s “You Are Beautiful,” from 1983′s Believer), “Everybody”–Bentley’s new single featuring Sa-Ra, Andre 3000, and Kanye West–is more noticeable for who’s on it than what any of them are doing. Sa-Ra have been mining this smooth-synth-funk vein for ages, and it’s nice enough but not terribly compelling; ditto Andre’s verse (can’t win ‘em all). Kanye sings the hook, because he is an all-around entertainer, and there is choreography (far better than the Dear Jayne video earlier, although that’s not difficult), as well as tuxes and bow ties. Let us boldly predict that It will either sink like a stone or stick around the charts forever, and nothing in between. [Brightcove via kanYe West: Blog]


  1. Tauwan

    So…anybody catch the Jamie Foxx produced/Fonzworth Bentley starring reality show From G’s to Gents on MTV last night?

  2. Al Shipley

    jesus christ, I remember when this clown was moderately famous for acting a fool in various video cameos 4 years ago and he said he was going to put out a star-studded album. but I never believed it would actually happen, especially not so long after he fell off the pop culture radar. WTF

  3. Anonymous

    i think farnsworth can bring the lols (his verse on the “new workout plan” rmx [maybe the video only version idk]) but this song is turgid and i would stop thinking about music if this did anything on any chart. cool video though.

  4. westartedthis

    this song is musical anti-matter. it exists in some sort of cosmic nexus where it simultaneously never ends and is over before you know it.

    and getting a BAD verse out of Andre 3K these days is some sort of reverse accomplishment. how?!?

  5. thearcanemodel

    @Al Shipley: my thoughts exactly. i’d assumed he was off in D-level reality-show land (although per Tauwan’s comment, sounds like that’s on deck)

  6. GhostOfDuane

    @Al Shipley: Jesus christ, I remember when this clown babysat me and my friend when we were tykes. And that is why I will love him unconditionally forever. Also because we share a similar fondness for argyle (except he actually wears it, whereas I just admire those who do from afar).

  7. Anonymous

    This song is going nowhere… Fonzworth is a cartoon character and nothing more.

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