Carolina Liar Gives Fans Of Its Music Yet Another Rorschach Test

Jul 16th, 2008 // 5 Comments


Al has spoken before about Carolina Liar, the stealth attack on the mainstream rock airwaves by superproducer Max Martin, but who knew that they would take their “see in us what you want to see in us” attitude all the way to their album cover? Within this drop of water, I see a piglet’s head, an Easter Island-inspired Slipknot mask, a skull, an upturned punching bag, a caricature of Trent Reznor, and, um, something that resembles one of those “personal massagers” you can buy in the back room of Ricky’s. Analyze away!

  1. AquaLung

    Wait, Carolina Liar has fans?

  2. Bazooka Tooth

    I got this CD free from a street-team guy and I thought I paid too much for it. it’s awful.

  3. Aaron Poehler

    I see something that will evaporate quickly, leaving nothing to mark its passing.

  4. Anonymous

    Album didn’t impress me too much, but minus 100 points to Idolator for waiting two months before opening fire on this. This album came out in May. Bad form, folks.


  5. Anonymous

    Carolina Liar = DOODY.

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