The Shit Box: For Those People Who Really, Really Can’t Stand Festivals’ Reliance On Porta-Potties

Jul 16th, 2008 // 7 Comments

shitbox-homepage.png How to make your day at a music festival even more cumbersome: Tote around The Shit Box, a portable toilet that you carry around in the form of a 14-inch flat pack. Honestly, the only “advantage” to this box that I can see is the ability to stick all those free flyers and pieces of swag that are forced upon me during the course of the day inside, but perhaps you can come up with an alternate use for the thing. [The Brown Corporation (oh, come on now) via Can't Stop The Bleeding]

  1. mike a

    Meanwhile, the estate of GG Allin gets a great idea for a box set.

  2. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    from the website:

    The Brown Coporation… a solid company.
    Doubles a handy stool… scuse the pun!

    What a bunch of hacks.

  3. Lucas Jensen

    Weird, but not as weird as this: []

  4. Silverfuture

    So, if you, uh, go, two hours into a ten hour festival, you have to carry around your leavings with you until you need to use it again?

  5. thearcanemodel

    so, $30 US for a rejiggered bankers box with an anthropomorphized poo stenciled on it? no thanks.

    the “technical specs” are somewhat entertaining, however i DO NOT want to know how “bursting force” was determined.


  6. Anonymous

    Those wacky Brits.

  7. okiedoke

    Look soon, though, for a young band known as Bursting Force.

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