Pretty Ricky Knock Boots, Put On Some Shirts

Jul 16th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Yes, Pretty Ricky is an outfit that’s so far gone into its own brand of camp I don’t know whether its four members are trying to be funny or trying to be serious, or if they’re just wholly unsure whether they can even take a position either way at this point. But can I just say that the slow jam from their forthcoming album ’80s Babies, “Knockin’ The Boots ’08,” is not bad, as far as sex-dripping come-on songs go? It would slide into the playlist of Music Choice’s R & B Hits station somewhat effortlessly, and given that said station has served as my musical go-to this summer, I can’t knock any song that tries for nothing more than to hit that general sonic target.

Plus, the video being out gives us an excuse to repost this, which is an oldie, but a goodie (and probably not safe for work if your office has a sexual-harassment policy regarding furniture):

Pretty Ricky – Knockin’ The Boots ’08 [YouTube via Crunk + Disorderly]
Pretty Ricky – Late Night Special [YouTube]


  1. Tauwan


    (1) You did NOT bring back that ottoman humping video of yesteryear! It’s straight jokes yes, but that’s just wrong Maura, WRONG!, and

    (2) I swear to God if these fools become my new T-Pain with this album 80′s Babies [meaning I tried my best to look away and not listen and/or care and wound up copping Epiphany (from a store -GASP-) and actually enjoying it and some of his non album guest starring hooks], then, then I just don’t know what I’ll do with myself.

  2. jambajim

    Hehe – right now this post has 69 views. How appropriate.

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