Why Is This Sealed, Longboxed Copy Of Living Colour’s “Vivid” Worth $1,025 (Plus Shipping)?

Jul 16th, 2008 // 9 Comments

f717_1.JPG• Corey Glover’s cult of personality is that strong.
• This fan of the band is going to any length it can to avoid that “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” cover that was tacked on to the reissue.
• Buyer is opening a store that’s a throwback to the late ’80s and is looking for every “realistic” detail he can find, down to the ecologically unfriendly longboxes that protected CDs from fingerprints.
• Lou Pearlman’s estate is doing everything it can to creatively “hide” its assets.
• A misplaced decimal point? A curious need for the color palette near the bottom of the album art? The longbox bubble is the new housing bubble? The mind reels.

Living Colour Vivid Sealed Longbox CD [eBay via Heavy Metal Addiction]

  1. tigerpop

    It comes hand-delivered by Muzz Skillings?

  2. Catbirdseat

    For that amount, couldn’t you buy all the equipment necessary to make an endless supply of exact replicas of this?

    Shit, man, I ain’t no glamour boy, I’m FIERCE!

  3. Chris Molanphy

    @tigerpop: LOL. FTW.

  4. Anonymous

    Corey Glover was the unannounced guest National Anthem singer a few years ago at a mid-season UConn basketball game I went to. It was pretty awesome, though baffling.

  5. NeverEnough

    They were great live but, my god…

  6. Chris N.

    I’m an unabashed LC fan, but hoo boy.

  7. Chris N.

    Holy crap, it sold!

  8. Captain Wrong

    Not shocked. I’ve lurked on a few message boards where something like this (a sealed longbox version of an un-remastered CD) would be seen as very desirable and worth throwing that kind of coin down for. As for the rest of the word, not so much.

  9. Anonymous

    They were the Best New American Band, after all. ROlling Stone said so.

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