Here’s Hoping The Gym Class Heroes Guy Never Develops A Distaste For Hall & Oates

Jul 17th, 2008 // 14 Comments


It’s arty, instead of cartoony like this guy’s “Weird Al” Yankovic tattoo. It’s subtle, unlike the full-back Adam Duritz tattoo. But still, there’s something a little unsettling about the new tattoo sported by Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy, which depicts Hall & Oates on each hand. “I guess my obssession with H&O has gotten a little out of control…..Fuck it, They’re my idols,” he writes of his new ink, which he got while he was I guess bored on the Warped Tour. Which is all well and good, but won’t that make the “so, what’s new?” chitchat during his next visit to Hall’s house just a little bit awkward? [Travie's Blog]


  1. amandacobra

    This is the part where I hate to sound like my grandmother but there’s got to be a day where all irony and “no really, I seriously LOVE Hall and Oates” aside, you look down at your hands and kind of wish that you didn’t have that. Like there has to be an age which you reach where that doesn’t provide any amusement or pleasure and is, if not embarrassing, just kind of unsightly.

    I say this as a huge Hall and Oates fan myself. Tattoos are not a big deal anymore. Huge globs of ink on the top of your hand that resemble the faces of an 80s pop group you like that you got because you were bored on Warped Tour miiiiiiight be something you may one day live to regret.

  2. Weezy F Baby

    at least he doesn’t have to worry about the negative effects of super-visible embarrassing tattoos because Gym Class Heroes are going to be big FOREVER.

  3. encyclopediablack

    What’s left to say? Thank God, he didn’t love Wham!?

  4. okiedoke

    God, somebody just has to do Sonny and Cher. At least one could choose which hand for self abuse might be less embarassing.

  5. amandacobra

    @Weezy F Baby:

    I guess that’s the upside of tattoos being so prevalent and shitty emo bands being everywhere. When the bottom falls out, and he has to go sell furniture or cars or computer equipment or work at the mall, the Hall and Oates hand-toos aren’t really going to be any more off-putting to the hiring manager than the other applicant’s Lionel Richie neck tattoo.

  6. Reidicus

    So it was a bad idea to get the two guys from Air Supply tattooed across my face?

  7. Thierry

    I hope someone gets Loggins & Messina hand tattoos. Lil’ Wayne? Jack Johnson?

  8. cheesebubble

    Milli & Vanilli

  9. revmatty

    I got a tattoo of my entire body, but bigger – Steven Wright.

  10. KrAzy Che3To

    Isn’t that much ink going to look pretty bad in a few years?

  11. Anonymous

    This guy is titty-F’ing Katy Perry on a regular. Wen she’s not kissing girls. And liking it.

  12. Captain Wrong

    @owenmeany: So now when she looks down at his hands, squeezing her titties together, she’s gotta look at the cover of the fucking Private Eyes album. Dunno about you, but that’s kind of a turn off.

    @amandacobra: @amandacobra: Agreed on both points. And I must be getting old because I still remember the days when getting a tattoo of any kind pretty much meant you were gonna wind up working in a gas station. Really, I don’t care what kind of “ink” the kids wanna get. I’m planning on investing in laser tattoo removal and I’m going to be rich as Bill Gates in about 20 years.

  13. Anonymous

    @Captain Wrong: That just made me shoot coffee out my nose. Good point.

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