1. the rich girls are weeping

    Maura, this article infuriated me so much, it really did. AND IN THE TIMES, ugh. So annoying sometimes.

    I happen to think her current look is quite lovely and suitable. Who’s to say what “daring” is, or how it should be defined, or heaven forbid, how Madonna herself should personify “daring.”


  2. the rich girls are weeping

    DUDE, Matthew! Sorry!
    I didn’t see the byline in the RSS feed. My bad! AGH.

  3. Matthew Perpetua

    No problem. I really liked the tumblr post you did about it, especially Pinkie’s comments about Hard Candy.

  4. the rich girls are weeping

    Thanks! Pinkie is the resident Madonna uber-expert, truly. I will pass along yr compliments.

    I keep coming back to the idea that all the people quoted in the article seem to want the Madonna that would essentially boil down to parody. In a camp heroine, headlining Caesar’s, washed-up, ha-ha-look-at-what-Madonna-is-wearing-now kind of way.

    To me, Madonna is er, “daring” because she is avoiding doing just that.

    Which kind of comes back around to the criticism that she’s turned her back on The Gays since Confessions, which is a load of hokum based on my very limited empirical data (i.e. several deep conversations with my gay male friends about Hard Candy).

  5. alec_baldwin

    I think Idolator is spot-on, but I disagree with one small point. I don’t think it’s the public that’s pressuring her. It’s utter hubris. She can’t let go of the spotlight, so SHE constantly tries to reinvent herself. It’s as if she believes that if she stops, she will fade away from existence like Liz Taylor or the fictional character Norma Desmond peut-être? I’m just sayin’.

  6. ARP

    @cosmiclove: I have to agree, her desire to always be the center of attention, always be cutting, edge, etc. have given rise to a constant expectation that she will. It’s a cycle that feeds itself, and when it fails, we get, Hard Candy.

    BTW- Some of her later stuff is quite introspective.

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