Eminem Resurfaces, Allows Photo To Be Taken Of Him?

Jul 17th, 2008 // 6 Comments

eminem_l.jpgApparently Eminem is back in the studio, and he’s raring to go: “He’s been quiet too long, and he’s got a lot to get off his chest,” fellow Dr. Dre protege Bishop Lamont told Entertainment Weekly. When I mentioned to Matthew that the now-35-year-old firebrand was back in the studio, he asked me if anybody had actually seen the man lately, especially since his appearance was the cause of some Slim Fast scuttlebutt earlier this year. But look closely at that picture, which ran with the EW item on Eminem’s forthcoming album: Doesn’t that hat say “Shady ’08″? Or is what I’m seeing just an “03″ that’s written in really, really fancy script? [Hollywood Insider]


  1. wondergoodtx

    It’s an ’08. You can buy this very super hip and trendy piece of clothing on the internets today!

  2. Anonymous

    35 year-old white rapper.


  3. FionaScrapple

    When’s his reality show coming out?

  4. Halfway Crook

    Isn’t Bishop Lamont the same dude who swore to G-O-D that “Detox” would be out in fourth quarter ’07? Not saying, just saying.

  5. ObtuseIntolerant

    As whiskey tango types go, he’s still more legitimaetly handsome than Justin Timberlake.

  6. mike a

    What exactly would Eminem have to “get off his chest” at this point? Hailie’s cellphone bill?

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