A Great Week For Cocaine, A Bad Week For Steven Adler

Jul 18th, 2008 // 3 Comments

ohadler.jpgI can’t imagine their paths cross often, but Steven Adler and Steven Page have something in common this week… arrests for narcotics possession! The often troubled Steven Adler, whose stint on Celebrity Rehab 2 seems to not have been terribly effective, was picked up this morning by Hollywood police; he also has an outstanding warrant in his name. Only somewhat related: I wonder if Jani Lane’s Google Alerts perk up every time “outstanding warrant” is used in a news article. [Blabbermouth]

  1. Anonymous

    Me and my friends were always in awe of this guy, getting kicked out of GnR for PARTYING TOO HARD FOR GnR. It blew our little minds.

    In defense of his current situation, Steven probably has a coupla reasons to escape from reality in this manner.

  2. Chris N.

    Back before he went nuts, Dennis Miller had a funny bit along those lines. “Axl was like, ‘Hey, Slash, could you stop injecting heroin into your cock for a minute? We’re gonna meet on Adler!’”

  3. Al Shipley

    The stuff in Slash’s book about kicking Adler out of the band is pretty depressing; they realized how hypocritical it was, but some of them were functioning addicts who could still play, while Steven just couldn’t keep a steady rhythm anymore.

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