Diplo, Santogold Trip Down Hip-Hop Memory Lane

diplo_x_santogold.pngThe Diplo/Santogold mixtape Top Ranking is news nearly everywhere in blogland these days–it’s a sequel of sorts to all the fun we had with Piracy Funds Terrorism, after all! The hype is somewhat merited; the disc is an entertaining listen, with most of the disparate influences that influence Santogold’s debut appearing in one form or another. While the dancehall tracks and remixes appeal to someone like me who enjoys listening to the genre’s hits while preferring to not consider the larger social implications of that particular cultural crossover, the mix’s classic rap tributes nearly brought a nostalgic tear to my eye.

The sudden turn toward fame that Three 6 Mafia took post-Hustle and Flow nearly erased the occasional crazy genius of their discography from my memory, but all it took to bring all those sweet memories back was a remix of this deeply misogynistic track:

Oh, Gangsta Boo, you should have held out for that Coach purse. Lady, you only deserve the best, even if DJ Paul doesn’t agree. Sure, he’s staying at the Sunshine Motel, but I’m sure he’s got some cash in his pocket.

My obsession with the Video Juke Box is well documented, and in 1988, there were few bigger hits than “Posse on Broadway.” Sir Mix-A-Lot was the “JR Ewing of Seattle,” after all.

Gangsta Boo could learn something from Sir Mix-A-Lot, actually. At very least, Mix takes his freaks to get a bite at Taco Bell (I assume allowing them to order anything they wanted, even outside the popular value menu), although the establishment turned out to be closed. 59 cent tacos aren’t exactly the same as your man paying for your hair appointment, but it’s something, right?

Diplo & Santogold – Top Ranking [Turntable Lab]

  • walkmasterflex

    i haven’t heard the whole mix yet, but i’m excited to get it as soon as it becomes available on itunes. i’m really digging the mainstream rap vs. underground electronic/hip-hop thing diplo and santogold are doing; gorilla zoe’s guest spot on the radioclit song is just a divine combination of styles.

  • sparkletone

    It’s really good. The mix, I mean. It turns out a Diplo + Santogold mixtape is as good an idea as it sounds on paper.

    For the same reason that I don’t quite understand the comparisons between MIA and Santogold in general… I’m not really getting the comparisons between this and Piracy Funds Terrorism.

    So Diplo, Switch, et al. had something to do with the project. When the results are so different stylistically, there’s not much ground for comparison, y’know?

  • Dan Gibson

    @sparkletone: They’re both mixtapes by Diplo. I think a comparison’s not that hard to get, is it? They’re different a bit in style, but I think Piracy is clearly the closest reference point.

  • Michaelangelo Matos

    the reason Mix took his posse to Taco Bell, by the way, is that it’s near the end of Broadway. (it was shuttered at the end of 2007, btw.) besides, he also took them to Dick’s for burgers.

  • natepatrin

    @Michaelangelo Matos: This is my continued nagging regret: that I have been to Seattle three times and still haven’t made it to Dick’s.

  • sparkletone

    @Dan Gibson: I get it, and agree that there’s room for comparison there…

    But I think what’s maybe bothering me is that a number of people I know discount Santogold’s album (or discounted it initially) out of some misguided idea that she’s just an MIA knockoff. Doing a shit hot mixtape with Diplo doesn’t exactly make convincing them any easier, when if they’d just listen to the music it’d be immediately obvious that they’re really not very similar (despite hanging around with the same producers).

  • Captain Wrong

    Mix was no joke. Too bad all most people know him for today is the jokey “Baby Got Back.” I’m glad that I was in high school when “My Hooptie” dropped. That song was just perfect for, well, havin’ a hooptie.