Bands Still Suffering From Gas Prices


Oil prices may be slipping a bit lately, but bands are still feeling pain at the pump: “‘Those are the things that help [bands] break even,’ said Josh Legere, director of marketing for Anti- Records, an offshoot of the indie label Epitaph Records, which has several bands on the road with the Vans Warped Tour this summer. ‘My prediction is that at the end of the Warped Tour, a lot of our bands are going to be hitting us up for $5,000 in tour support.’ According to booking agents and promoters, some acts have started to drop out of tours because of costs. For that reason, AT&T, a Warped Tour sponsor, recently began giving away a $500 gas card each day to one of the bands on the tour, as an incentive for them to remain on board.” [LAT / Earlier]