Kid Rock Speaks, In The Only Way He Knows How

Jul 22nd, 2008 // 9 Comments

Kidrock.jpgiTunes holdout Kid Rock tells Bob Lefsetz how his iTunes avoidance is working for him: “Why sell a million downloads (at a dickweed penny rate) that u say equals a 100,000 records when I’m selling well over a hundrend thousand records every 2 weeks? And I’m helping my heros sell records too???? Sounds like I’m winning, if this were the olympics I would definatley be receiving the gold medal, but that’s a lot like itunes, a lot of glory, no money!!!! i only wanna sell my album. i made a great album. itunes said ‘no’, i dont like being told ‘no’. thier just as guilty. ps, i have a ton of apple stock, pretty ironic eh? lol” All the way to the bank, even. [Lefsetz Letter]


  1. Lucas Jensen

    Can someone fact-check the whole hundred thousand every 2 weeks stat?

  2. Maura Johnston

    @Big Gray.:

    7/16: No. 5, sold 61,000
    7/9: No. 7, sold 45,000
    7/2: No. 12, sold 36,000
    6/25: No. 16, sold 29,000

    It’s been gaining in sales every week for the past three months or so.

  3. Lucas Jensen


  4. Camp Tiger Claw

    Hes a Fuckin. moran!

  5. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    “ps, i have a ton of apple stock, pretty ironic eh? lol”

    No, it’s a coincidence.

    But, let it be known that irony/pugs ain’t just for hipsters anymore!

  6. Anonymous

    Rednecks don’t have ‘puters. See?

  7. Kodiak

    He’s just full of himself! Jackass!

  8. Captain Wrong

    Funny. My wife was watching Ellen the other day and he was on. I have to admit, the guy didn’t seem like a total moron. I was even telling my wife about his back and forth with Lefsetz and how it was about time for another salvo. And, here it is.

  9. manyjars

    I can’t trade my wife’s Kid Rock cd on Lala. I guess he don’t cotton to that site neither.

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