Was Rick Ross A Prison Guard? Does Anyone Care?

Jul 22nd, 2008 // 8 Comments

everydayoffheshustlin.jpgRick Ross used to sell cocaine, or at least that’s the impression you’re supposed to get from his music. However, would his career come crashing down if he once worked in law enforcement, the very antithesis of the character behind his recorded exploits? Apparently so. After the rumor had kicked around the rap gossip world a bit, the Smoking Gun uncovered part of Ross’ personnel file, with matching Social Security numbers, from the Florida Department of Corrections. In response, Ross sent MTV a freestyle calling out we of the instant entertainment-news business, rapping “Bitch, I’m the boss and I’m laughing at your blogs.” Not exactly a denial, but I feel put in my place. Wouldn’t it have been easier to claim that his time working in the prison was actually a front for his illegal activities? I’m no expert as far as narcotic credibility goes, but having watched The Wire, I would have found that explanation plausible. [MTV News]


  1. loudersoft

    He might be the biggest boss that I’ve seen thus far but he is definitely not the endboss

  2. westartedthis

    @loudersoft: how true. he’s no Sephiroth, or Ganondorf. he’s not even Bowzer.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey, whatev. He’s a big dude. I’m not callin’ him out on nothin’!

  4. alec_baldwin

    …that would be “one sense.”

  5. Anonymous


    Yeah, even if its not true, the story of how he was a prison guard until he saw how the cops were just as brutal as the thugs and quit and became a druglord would make a great song or even a great album… by rae and ghost.
    Ross can sound good rhyming the word boss with his name, but not much else.

  6. alec_baldwin

    Good boy gone bad. It’s better than your average rapper story, which makes him sort of a maverick. Rowwssss, tell us why you didn’t fulfill your dream of becoming a pig, well, at least in once sense.

  7. uptonking

    Hmmm… Akon? You have company.

  8. jim

    rick ross is a fat pig ive done time in prison and i dont care if your a dirty c.o. or not your still a cop and from his denial of being a pig id say he wasnt he was a straight lace pig who loved his job he aint nuttin but a pig in my eyes and always will be

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