Two Germans Get (And Make Fun Of) “Minimal”

Jul 23rd, 2008 // Comment

Funny to hear this track for a couple reasons. One, it’s called “Minimal” and is a fairly fizzy anthem, the kind of record you hear at the end of the night in a club simply because playing it elsewhere would likely throw a DJ set’s balance off. The other is that the guy behind the original, Matias Aguayo, used to record as Closer Musik, and he’s made some of the most obviously (and opulently) minimal tracks as is possible; so has the remixer of this version, DJ Koze, who is also responsible for one of the most outlandish “cover” versions I’ve ever heard, an extraordinary piss-take of “We Are the World” tucked at the end of a track recorded under the alias Adolf Noise. But this–this drunken piss-take on its ostensible category (“Cause this music got no groove, got no balls, no merci”) is the kind of track we might have thrown into the Summer Jams Tournament if it had come out on time. [YouTube]

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