DJ Khaled Convenes (Another) Battle Royale Of Sheer Annoyingness

Jul 23rd, 2008 // 2 Comments

It has come to our attention that DJ Khaled is screaming over giant, Jeep-ready beats that have lots of names and almost nothing else of any merit going for them. Again. Now and, apparently, forever, but instead of “We Takin’ Over” the name of the new album is We Global Now, continuing the least talented man in hip-hop’s impressive streak of meaningless megalomania. Oh wait–”forever” is just how long it feels like listening to this clown wrench the words “We the best!” over and over again. It’s hard to decide what the worst part of this video is: Akon declaring, “I’m-a stay me” (must you?) or the fact that Fat Joe keeps popping up in the clip despite not having a single verse in the song. Does this make him the Jon Lovitz of rap videos? [OnSmash]


  1. Oface

    Aww…Guidos are so excited about this song. Its their summer jam, yo.

  2. uptonking

    Akon and Rick Ross? Wow… this vid is just teeming with integrity! So? We over now?

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