BREAKING: Zune Tattoo Guy Gives Up

Jul 23rd, 2008 // 4 Comments

thatzunetattooguy.jpg“I am done. I have had the Zune since day 1 and have noticed little improvement. I have tried my best to support them every step of the way but the recent Xbox Live announcement at E3 made me lose it. To not include Zune Marketplace or the ability to load videos from Xbox Live to your Zune made me finally give up. I am in the works of figuring the best way to get a new tattoo to cover the logo on my arm. Thanks for all the harsh comments and you will see very little of me anymore.” I guess this means the name change plan never worked out? [Zune Scene]


  1. Anonymous

    He can ask the Game for tips!

  2. Chris N.

    He’s like one of those people who finally admit they were wrong to support Bush on going to war in Iraq. It really does take some folks a while to figure stuff out.

  3. amandacobra

    If Angelina can get rid of her “Billy Bob”, there is hope for you yet, sir…

  4. Anonymous

    “Forever Wino” might be good.

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