Lloyd Shows Us How To Do A Q & A

Jul 23rd, 2008 // 2 Comments

lloyd1.jpgHere at Idolator, we have a collective love for the R & B singer Lloyd, whose forthcoming album Lessons In Love drops Aug. 5. That admiration was mainly based on his musical output, which is made up of some of the finest R & B tracks of the last few (maybe more) years. But there’s a whole new reason to have a crush on him now, as this chat he had with TJ Tanner of Neon Limelight shows that his interview technique is as smooth as his falsetto. (Two minutes into their interview, he says to her, “If you look anything close to how you sound you have to be the finest woman alive.” The reason? “I have an album coming out in two weeks. Why wouldn’t I try to win you over?”) After the jump, other choice quotes.


tj: So, what is the biggest lesson in love you’ve learned so far?

l: A couple! I learned a couple. One: lust is physical; love is emotional. You must know the difference. Two: I’ve learned that you have to take time to know yourself, to understand yourself and help put into perspective what you’re looking for before just jumping into something crazy. But then again I’ve also learned love has no limits, it can’t be defined by any words, or any definitions. Sometimes when you just jump into it, hey, it’s more exiting. The word is “unpredictable” is another lesson that I’ve learned. And I learned that you should turn your Blackberry off when your girlfriend’s over.


tj: What would you study?

l: Either one of two things: I would either take psychology because I’m just really fascinated by the human psyche and I always want to know what’s on the mind of of girls. But I would also like to be a pilot.

tj: Oh wow!

l: Fly the friendly skies with my captains hat on and stuff. [Laughs]


tj: [Laughs] That’s a good answer because we wouldn’t want you to [cut your hair].

l: If Sampson cut his hair off, what would happen to him?

I actually had this conversation with Hype Williams over the course of shooting the video for “Girls Around the World” in Miami. He offered to have someone come and cut my hair in hopes for that more mature Lloyd. “Lloyd and Hype. First time. Let’s give them something they’re just never expecting. I think that that’s cool but…. I think that the coolest thing that you can do to be different is create stability. To have security. Making music is like making love. It’s like a relationship that I have with my fans. And the one thing I want that girl to know that’s listening to Lloyd is that I’m always gonna be there for her, whenever she needs to hear those words that make her feel better, you know, “I love you,” “I’m always there,” I’m that guy, and I’m never gonna change in a way that she won’t like.

I think that you have to know what people like from you.


tj: What are your sales expectations for this album? It seems like gold is the new platinum with the industry the way it is right now.

l: Well, you know…I’m not really big on numbers. I’m not nostalgic. Just because we went gold last year doesn’t mean it has to be a multi-platinum selling album. I think that what we’re trying to build here is longevity and stability. You just create great music that has the power to last through the times, through the seasons. I’m trying to make an album for the year, not just for the fall, not just for the winter. And if that means going platinum then that’s what we gotta do, and that’s what we came to do

Really, you should read the whole thing. Especially since he mentions that he’s going to start lifecasting! I might actually watch that, if only to see whether or not he gets the chance to live out that whole professorial fantasy.

Neon Limelight Interviews Lloyd [Neon Limelight]

  1. Ned Raggett

    “I have an album coming out in two weeks. Why wouldn’t I try to win you over?”

    This man should be a presidential press secretary. He would be the anti-Scott McLellan.

  2. breedavies

    I would’ve liked the entire interview to be about his hair.

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