‘Fortune’ On MP3 Bloggers

Jul 23rd, 2008 // Comment

4577040.jpgHey, Fortune! I know that as a Time Inc. publication in 2008, you’re pretty much charged with putting a shiny happy gloss on news pegs for “interesting” business ventures out there, and doing so in word counts that are dwindling so quickly, you’ll eventually be communicating via semaphore. (Or photo galleries. Or both.) But when you drop a statement like “Just as the political bloggers are altering the outcome of elections, MP3 bloggers are changing the way people discover new music” in an otherwise decent article on the Hype Machine, maybe you should actually hold up an example of that “discovery,” so as to give your readers a little bit of context? Especially given that the one good thing the Internet music elite seem to be better at chewing bands up and spitting them out before they’ve even been partially digested than actually “discovering” them? [CNNMoney]

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