Nick Diamonds Figures Out The Secret Meaning Of Vampire Weekend’s Name

Jul 24th, 2008 // 8 Comments

We sent Idolator videographer Alex Goldberg to the steaming hot Coney Island boardwalk for Siren Fest on Saturday, and while he was there he chatted up a few of the artists present, including Nick Diamonds from Islands. Above, a routine “who would win in a fight” conversation about Islands and Vampire Weekend turns into a revelation of the sinister meanings behind the name of Morningside Heights’ most well-known deck-shoe-wearers. Here’s a preview: The words “parasitic” and “temporary” are both used![YouTube]

  1. Bazooka Tooth

    I f’ing love me some Islands, but, seriously, can we stop bagging on VW? Maybe it’s because I literally read absolutely nothing about the band before hearing them– hence, wasn’t prepared to already be snarky– but I really like VW and they were great live.

    It bums me out to hear Nick, whose music I really respect, trashing them.

  2. Maura Johnston

    @Aquemini: Beef: It’s what’s for blog dinner.

  3. StarlingSlipstream

    They should really stop name calling and just settle this on the kickball field…

  4. Halfwit

    @Aquemini: I totally agree. I only slightly liked Unicorns, and haven’t heard a thing from Islands, but can’t we all just live and let live with the bands that we like (Maura’s accurate insight aside)?

  5. TheRunningboard7

    If it were not for idolator’s frequent mentioning, I would not have re-listened to Vampire Weekend. I’m digging more of it now.

  6. Anonymous

    Isn’t it a little rich for the Islands guy to bag on VW for plundering music from other cultures? “Return to the Sea” does so in a less integrated, more superficial manner.

  7. Garreth

    I’m very disappointed in this guy. He comes off as nothing but pretentious, cocky, and jealous. Sorry buddy Honda and Tommy Hilfiger don’t want to pay you lots of money for your song. Maybe someone will pay for your music … but probably not.

  8. Garreth

    I’ve enjoyed one Islands song and one Unicorns songs (didn’t pay a cent for any of it) and all Vampire Weekend songs (I bought the first album).

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