“Mario Paint” Plus “Guitar Hero” Equals Seven Minutes Of Mushroom-Hopping Bliss

Jul 24th, 2008 // 4 Comments

You may have noticed that I’m blogging solo today. It’s not bad, really! Although the news cycle is a bit dry. So while I try and figure out the ramifications of the British government’s announcement that they’ll start monitoring its citizens’ file-sharing habits, please enjoy this Mario Paint version of Dragonforce’s Guitar Hero-busting “Through The Fire And Flames.” Apparently it took the creator some 10 hours to complete and perfect, and I’m sure the fact that he forgot to eat didn’t help. I know I’m not the only Idolator audience-member who wishes that she could try and play along with this on her Wii. [YouTube / Earlier]


  1. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Infinitly more listenable then the actual band.

  2. Defenestrated

    Sounds amazingly similar to something you’d find on the Megaman 2 soundtrack. I think these guys missed their true calling as MIDI composers for retro games.

  3. PopIsNotDead

    After using MarioPaint to compose a piece for our production house as a joke, I can, without pause, say that transcribing “Through The Fire and Flames” with it takes more intestinal fortitude and complete disregard for mental stability than I could ever hope to attain.

  4. Audif Jackson Winters III

    Oddly reminiscent of the Rush ‘n’ Attack theme.

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