XTC Wind A Wire Around The Watchtower

Jul 24th, 2008 // 3 Comments

So My Chemical Romance is going to perform a cover of a Bob Dylan track for the movie adaptation of The Watchmen, and initial reports that the cover would be “All Along The Watchtower” sent me to YouTube in search of other covers of the song. (There are many of them, as you probably know.) The story’s since been changed to say that Gerard Way and his pals will in fact cover an unidentified Dylan track, but before I realized that I found the above cover of “Watchtower” from a 1979 performance by XTC. It’s pretty incredible, and it’s definitely a better than fine way to close out an extremely annoying day. [YouTube]


  1. ragandboneshop

    Ahhhh. Thank you, Maura!

    I could listen to Colin M. play bass all day.

    In fact, I think I will.

  2. blobby

    According to Entertainment Weekly, the movie opens with a montage set to “The Times They Are A’Changing,” so my money is on that as the cover.

  3. okiedoke

    Fucking geniuses! The only observation I have is the vision of this being some innocent’s first exposure to the band. What a strange way to discover the wonder that is XTC.

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