MTV Really, Really Wants Britney Spears To Show Up At The VMAs

Jul 25th, 2008 // 4 Comments

What else to make of the announcement that “Piece Of Me” is the “first announced nominee” for this year’s installment of the Video Music Awards, which are allegedly having nominees voted on by people who can fight their way through MTV’s labyrinthine Web site? “Piece Of Me” is in contention for the Best Female Video award, with the rest of the nominees in that category and Best Male Video being announced tonight on FNMTV. In other VMA news, Russell Brand, a former MTV employee who the VMAs’ target demo might remember from his role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, will host the show. According to someone at E!, “He was fired from his gig as a VJ on MTV in London after he came to work dressed as Osama Bin Laden on Sept. 12, 2001.” NB: This year’s installment takes place on 9/7, so people had better start getting their offense-o-meters properly calibrated in preparation. [Gold Derby / Dailymotion]

  1. moomintroll

    yes! I love Russell Brand!

  2. Rob Murphy

    Hey, as a “How I Met Your Mother” nerd and Jason Siegel fan, I not only saw “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, I *lurved* it.

    Russell Brand stole every scene he was in in that movie. MTV could have done a lot worse in its pick for hosting duties.

  3. Audif Jackson Winters III

    @Rob Murphy: Best part of an underrated movie, no doubt.

  4. Tauwan

    Okay look, I love Britney Spears. No doubt about it, yeah I said it. And Blackout was and still is kind of my shit. But even I flinch a little bit and get all “aww no baby, no” when I watch pieces of that video. Now if this was a Grammy kind of thing and it was more about the track then yeah, but video? I don’t know dawg. But hey, it could have been worse right? I Know Who Killed Me, I mean Gimme More could have been nominated, and that my friends would have truly been wrong.

    And yes Russell Brand is gonna straight murder his hosting duties. Can’t wait.

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