The Music Biz Is Hell

Jul 25th, 2008 // 4 Comments

UnemploymentLine.jpgIt’s not coal mining or deep sea fishing, for certain, but the music business can be incredibly stressful, what with the threat of unemployment being constantly right around the corner as your division is eliminated or the entire company gets sold to a salad-dressing manufacturer. During my brief stay in the world of distribution, I would regularly shuffle through resumes from people who had made six-digit salaries and were applying for jobs that paid substantially less just to stay in the game. Rolling Stone‘s Web site is currently featuring a gallery of 10 former music biz types who escaped and are striking out in new directions, from building a hotel in Puerto Rico to attending medical school. Take a look through these inspiring stories, Edgar Bronfman, and think of what life could be like after you stop running a business into the ground. [Rolling Stone]


  1. Ned Raggett

    Possibly the most OTM comment, from the Tower Records veteran:

    I’ll tell you, it beats buying records for $12.03 and trying to sell them for $9.99.

  2. alec_baldwin

    I’ts rough out there, so props to Doug and the Get Fresh Crew at UMG, which reportedly just signed the Rolling Stones. Take that Live Nation, the supposed future of the industry.

  3. okiedoke

    You’re recommending Edgar Bronfman build a hotel or go to medical school? Or go to the hospital and then attend hotel school? Maybe I’m reading too fast today.

  4. alec_baldwin

    @okiedoke: I think the latter. Actually, both would keep Bronfman away from the music business, so either would work.

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