Aw Nuts

Jul 25th, 2008 // 3 Comments

deadlasso.jpgRedLasso, which has been a pretty invaluable source for TV clips that The Man doesn’t want you to see (or at least, doesn’t want you to not have to sit through a pre-roll ad for), has been shut down to bloggers after being sued by NBC Universal, Fox News, and Fox Television Stations for unauthorized dissemination of their programming. So, uh, some of the videos in the archives might be broken. Sorry everybody! Also, I’m sort of surprised that Viacom didn’t get in on that too, but I guess we should give it time. [PaidContent via Radar]

  1. MayhemintheHood

    Sucky. It was a damn good player, for both functionality and content.

  2. NeverEnough

    The Powers That Be here have blocked YouTube and MySpace but, cutely, I can look at as much porn as my heart desires. Go figure.

  3. loudersoft

    Goddammit. We can’t have nice things because our older brother always gets his way.

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