Sequel to Timbaland’s ‘Shock Value’

Jul 25th, 2008 // 5 Comments

timbaland.jpgWas anyone out there really clamoring for a sequel to Timbaland’s Shock Value? Well, too bad, there’s one coming, and it’s on track to have a leftover track from Hard Candy as well as a Jonas Brothers cameo. It was apparently in high demand because the first Shock Value went platinum in “London,” which the producer asserts is “the hardest place to go platinum.” Sigh. [MTV]

  1. Al Shipley

    You scoff, but try and sell a million records in a city with only 8 million people.

  2. Nunya B

    @Al Shipley: I thought Platinum in the UK was only 300k.

    Shock Value was pretty bad but I did really like “Come Around.” Besides, the thought of Timbo doing for the JoBros what he did for OneRepublic is pretty funny. Or fearsome.

  3. Anonymous

    @Nunya B: He might do it for the JoBros, or perhaps he’ll be even more shameless and claim that Chris Cornell track as his own work (it’s already streaming on Tim’s website as ‘Long Gone w/ Chris Cornell’)

  4. Anonymous

    @VivaLaMainstream: or TJ could actually read what’s posted and acknowledge that there’re rumors of a Jonas Bros. cameo…I’m just gonna show myself the door.

  5. alec_baldwin

    Oh, goody. I’ve been soooo waiting for this. NOT.

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