gentleman.jpgI was all excited for Lloyd’s Lessons In Love and Ne-Yo’s Year Of The Gentleman to come out simultaneously on Aug. 5… and now comes the news that Gentleman has been pushed back all the way to Sept. 16. What gives, dude? Are you working on a special bonus disc that collects response songs to every track in this week’s Hot 100, or what? [Year Of The Gentleman Blog]

  • Tauwan

    NO NO NO NO NO! Why can’t this cat catch a break? I mean seriously. Did those on high not listen to Because of You? Cause that shit knocks. I mean the kid makes so much money for the industry behind the scenes. [I had no idea he wrote Rihanna's "Irreplaceable" til y'all said so this morning] Or is that the problem? Are the guys in the suits worried that people care more about what he produces for other people at the moment than they are for what he creates for himself? Cause I mean this album can’t be needing a shitton of redos and edits, right? I swear if this album winds up in the musical ether with Eve’s Here I Am, Mya’s Liberation, and Her Name is Nicole…[-Shakes fist at sky-]

  • Tauwan

    Or they got scared of having him go up against Lloyd, whose album [I'm assuming]could possibly be quite stellar? [I haven't had the pleasure of streaming it yet, but if Girls Around the World and Year of the Lover are any indication, he just might have one of the best R&B albums and/or albums of 2008 on his hands].

  • Maura Johnston

    @Tauwan: the lloyd album is really really good:

  • Maura Johnston

    Well, this picture isn’t a good sign:


  • Rob Murphy


    So, on the same day that Wrigley’s secret marketing plans are revealed vis-a-vis Chris Brown’s CD…and “part two” of the same plan is revealed, vis-a-vis, Ne-Yo’s CD…

    And, after the backlash, you all are surprised that there’s been a “last-minute” delay for the release of Ne-Yo’s CD???

    HELLO??? McFLY???

  • Maura Johnston

    @Rob Murphy: why does he have to be crucified for the sins of the younger?? and i don’t think there’s much of a parallel to be drawn, unless these lyrics are actually a stealth big red ad:

    I can feel her on my skin
    I can taste her on my tongue
    Shes the sweetest taste of sin
    The more I get the more I want

  • Al Shipley

    Everyone needs to calm down. Ne-Yo’s first 2 albums went platinum, so his 3rd’s never going to get shelved, the label’s just doing the usual dance of fear until there’s enough radio spins to make them confident about a release date. And even with a couple delays he’s still dropping 3 albums in the space of 3 years, so it’s not like anyone’s starved for his music right now.

  • Tauwan

    @Rob Murphy:

    Whatever. It still don’t make it right.