“Canadian Idol” Gets Smooth And Mellow

Jul 29th, 2008 // 1 Comment

likeoursbutwithhealthinsurance.jpgAny theme is going to be a bit of a letdown after “Rock and Roll Heaven” week, but last night, our music competition friends north of the border did their best to ease the tumble.

When you think of the term “unplugged,” who comes to mind? If you said Gwen Stefani husband/face of Bush/celebrity mentor Gavin Rossdale, you’re correct, at least as far as Canadian Idol was concerned this week.

Oddly, I couldn’t find a single video of Bush performing acoustic. Which works out in the end, because I didn’t really want to hear it. Still, sort of an odd choice, but I guess Gavin owes his share of the utilities this month.

First, let’s take a moment to say goodbye to last week’s ousted Idol, Katherine St-Laurent. Katherine, you were sort of awful, but at the very least you took on “Cat People” during Bowie week. God bless, and best of luck.

This week’s “Unplugged” theme didn’t seem to mean much, except that when the singers were pretending to play instruments, they’re acoustic ones. Still, the change in style couldn’t help Sebastian Pigott of Toronto. Gavin’s advice: “Try more pain, and less bravado.” My advice: “Consider a different line of work.”

One of the judges calls him a “true bluesman.” Take a minute to think about that statement.

Mark Day–Canada’s Clay Aiken!–knows what’s up, taking on a Sugarland track in the midst of the band’s hype bubble. Smart thinking, pal. Of course, his removal of any vague similarities to “country music” from the track could be good or bad, but I’m sure there are easy listening stations up there ready to add his version to their playlists.

In the “presented without comment” category, songs from Drew Wright, Mitch McDonald, Earl Stevenson, and Theo Tams.

Amberly Thiessen is apparently a front runner, but that might be because she’s the last woman left in the competition. She manages to perform that song from the Old Navy ad exactly in the same manner as the original, which I suppose is an accomplishment. Gavin seemed to really like her, however, praising her “subtleties.” The filthy bastard.

Mookie Morris has gone from being my favorite simply for his name to being my favorite. I mean, he performed The Band’s “Ophelia”–what more could you ask for? I’m not sure how this kid’s going to sell records, but he makes watching clips from the show tolerable.

C’mon Canada, it’s time to send Sebastian home. Get out your Telus phone, whatever that means, and get on the Mookie bandwagon before it’s too late.

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