Uptown Theatre Sold

Jul 29th, 2008 // 7 Comments

uptown_main_collage.jpgChicago’s legendary Uptown Theatre has been bought by locally based independent promoter Jam Productions for $3.2 million, pending approval of the judge presiding over the theater’s foreclosure sale. The total cost of the theater will be around $5 million, thanks to some $1.8 million in liens related to city-performed maintenance work, but here’s hoping the sale is the first step toward the theater’s gorgeous interior being opened to the public once again after years of it sitting vacant. [Chicago Real Estate Daily via toomuchawesome / Photo via Friends of the Uptown]

  1. Anonymous

    Hopefully they’ll shutter those shit holes across the street the Riviera and the Aragon. If I want eat microwaved fast food pizza, wait a half hour for $5 thimbles of beer, be pushed around by frat boys and listen to a band play so quietly I can’t tell if they’ve started or it’s the house music, I know the Aragon is the place to be.

  2. thearcanemodel

    @tim_loves_cats: for serious. i have love for the riv, but the aragon sucks. i concur with several of the issues you’ve raised and will also add “horrible sightlines” to the list.

  3. Our Man In Chicago

    Yeah, let’s not lump the Riv in with the Aragon. The Riv has decent sound, good seating in the balcony, good sightlines on the floor – even for the vertically-challenged like myself – and more often than not, nice staffers (don’t lump the surly members of Chicago’s grey-shirted security brigade in with these folks, since they float around venues).

    The Aragon has none of these things.

    Who is Jam going to put in this space? They already book Aragon which is around the same capacity (4500) as the Uptown (The Riv holds about 2500).

  4. moomintroll

    The Riviera is quite lovely, but I’m so bummed that My Bloody Valentine is at the Aragon this year, that place has the worst sound. Hopefully they’ll make the Uptown into a great venue, it would be magical to see a great show there, it’s amazing inside.

  5. Maura Johnston

    @sparkletone: I think the best all-around adjective for the Aragon is “hostile.” I had the “pleasure” of seeing Nirvana’s worst show ever there, and oh man.

  6. sparkletone

    The Riv is a nice place, if a bit run down. I’ve been to half a dozen or so great shows there.

    Every show I’ve enjoyed at the Aragon has been in spite of the venue. I sigh every time I see that a band I really like is playing there and not somewhere less hostile to the fans.

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