Idolator Presents Second-“Best Music Writing 2008” (Part Three)

Right: one of my pieces is linked in here. My apologies. I like it still, if that helps any. Anyway, as with the second batch, I found myself hooked on one piece here in particular: Michael Martin’s New York story about the preparation for Broadway of Xanadu, one of the worst movies ever made. Two lines in particular knocked me sideways: “(Andy Gibb, a Newton-John friend and Beck’s doppelgänger, had originally signed but dropped out, perhaps wisely opting to stay home and snort cocaine instead.)” And this absolute mind-bender:

Shortly thereafter, he quit the studio and went on an existential surfing trip to El Salvador, where, he says, “I was thinking, What am I going to do when I get back? I think I’ll get the rights to Xanadu.’ ”


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