From The Streets To The Beach, In A Series of Walking-Away Shots

Jul 30th, 2008 // 4 Comments

This video for the Streets’ new single, “The Escapist,” was, according to uploader “The Beats” (a.k.a. Mike Skinner a.k.a. the Streets himself), made “under the radar of the label and done totally for us by us on a shoe string. It was totally different from any other promo that I’ve made in that it was something real that we just filmed rather than trying to create something real looking using lots of people and lots of angles.” Its art-house feel works well with the song, which after three plays I still haven’t decided whether I like or not. Then again, I hated both of the first two Streets albums when I first heard them–both took me a few plays to “get,” and became big favorites, whereas I liked the third one fairly immediately, and have barely played it since. I won’t penalize anyone for calling this “boring,” though. [YouTube]


  1. Dickdogfood

    Frankly, I could look at that ass all day.

  2. dreamsneverend

    He was lamenting about his pink Reeboks getting trashed during the making of this video…

  3. spazandmojo

    @Dickdogfood: agreed.

    @owenmeany: yeah, because soooo many folks
    in this country should… a lot of english men have footie legs. i
    can’t think of anything hotter.

  4. Anonymous

    British people should not wear shorts.

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