Sheryl Crow’s Clothing Line Might Want To Focus On The Low End

foreverinbluejeans.jpgFrom the looks of Google Trends, it would seem that people are much more interested in Sheryl Crow’s new jeans line, Bootheel Trading Co., than they are in her music (the term “sheryl crow jeans” is No. 2 on that chart right now; meanwhile, sales of her album Detours, which came out in February, just hit the 350,000-unit mark). Which makes sense for two reasons: one, people actually need clothes more than they need Crow’s sunblasted version of lite-rock; and two, the clothes are actually not all that bad, with relatively reasonable prices (tops range from $26-$48, while the jeans’ price points are between $62 and $64) and a “green” message (all the cotton used is fair trade). I would maybe consider buying the jeans at left if Crow’s name wasn’t visible–hey, I have some standards–although I have to warn you that the tops fall far outside the realm of what makes me happy:


This T-shirt isn’t bad from a distance, but when you see it close-up, you realize that it has descriptive adjectives all over it. And that said adjectives–among them “survivor,” “musician,” “eco-activist,” and “free spirit”–are meant to describe Sheryl Crow, and not the person who paid $26 for it.


Shirts like these make anyone with boobs look much more Grimace-like than they actually are. Waistlines, people!


Christ. Vests again? No thanks.

So, the tops are pretty much a misfire. But at least there aren’t any ugly sweatpants, which means that it’s more of a success than Avril Lavigne’s line for Kohl’s!

Bootheel Trading Co. [Dillards]

  • Rob Murphy

    Jeez, are the clothes available only at Dillards? If so, a lot of Crow’s fans will have to travel a long way if they actually want to try them on before they plunk down their credit cards.

    P.S. I see what you did there right before the jump.

  • Maura Johnston

    @Rob Murphy: Well, they’re at various deparment stores, according to what I’ve read. But the Macy’s Borg hasn’t started carrying the line on its Web site yet.

  • DavidWatts

    is it just me, or does that model have the longest torso you’ve ever seen? Maybe that’s why she’s a tops model, come to think of it.

  • Chris N.

    “Get me the longest torso you can find, and pronto!”

  • Rob Murphy

    Also, does each item in the line come with the buyer’s choice of Geronimo’s rifle, Marilyn’s shampoo and Benny Goodman’s corset and pen???

  • Anonymous

    Sheryl Crow can go to hell. RIP Kevin Gilbert.

  • iph

    I have just purchased a pair of the boot cut 32/32 Bootheel Trading Co. “Kennett” Jeans
    by Sheryl Crow. I have other jeans like Levis 515 which fit great, but these jeans of yours just kick butt when it comes to the style.

    I am a married 6’1” just under 200lb slim near athletic figured male with very long legs and short waist. My legs and butt are without question enviable of a lot of women. I know it, and am proud of it!
    I prefer fitted jeans to baggy any day. There are very few guys jeans that can compete with the fit I get from these. The stressing and fading is perfect for me and I can wear these to work with a Nike loose fit running shirt tucked in.

    I am an Analyst for a large international company and when I first started wearing fitted jeans I could see people’s eyes were drawn to the change in my style. No comments as you would expect from a large company with zero tolerance policies.

    It’s ironic that if you showed a picture of the waist down, the majority of people would say that the look was fantastic. Stick a guys face in the mix and peoples preconceptions override. People then start to think that the person should not be wearing those jeans at all. They must have a shallow and narrow minded approach! I am thankful that “At least my broad mind and narrow waist haven’t changed places yet!” LOL

    In summary: Thank you for these GREAT jeans that work great for a guy to. I will lookout for the other colors. Thank you for labeling the sizes in a more unisex system. I promote what I wear with confidence, when people do comment on my jeans I stand confident and tell them exactly what they are. Jeans and gender don’t really matter, after all its all about the legs and butt. If you have it, flaunt it!

    I am appalled at just how negative and envious some people can be about someone else’s enterprise and success.

    Sheryl, I have only been a little exposed to your music. I am non biased but It works for me. Good for you with everything that you have achieved and are venturing with!

    I hope 2010 brings great health and wealth to you all!