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Indierawwwwwwk.jpgPopbitch has revealed the impetus for Timbaland and Chris Cornell’s unholy alliance: “To get the gig, Timbaland got hold of Cornell’s mobile number and called him up personally to ask him to let him produce the record. He rhapsodied about Soungarden’s early albums on Sub Pop, before they signed to a major, to the extent that Cornell realised the producer was a genuine fan and the two bonded.” I swear, if this results in the album featuring “Nothing To Say ’09″, complete with Timbaland doing his “ehh, ehhh, ehhh”s in the background, I quit. [Popbitch]

  1. Nunya B

    The eh ehs are much more tolerable than the twikky twikkys.

  2. Chris N.

    I’m holding out for “Swallow My Pride ’09.”

  3. moomintroll

    ha ha Nunya B, I was just gonna post that exact same comment! Except I always thought he said “fricky fricky fricky”! I mean it’s at the beginning of every song Timbaland even has a whiff of.

  4. Rob Murphy

    “Black Hole Sun (ehh ehh ehh)…”

  5. Silverfuture

    Ficky ficky ficky till the laws are broken
    Ficky ficky ficky till the boots are worn

  6. KikoJones

    I don’t care if Timbaland used to go record shopping with Mark Arm, roadie for Tad, or cook up smack with Layne Stayley using one of Artis’ spoons, if that lame-ass song “Long Gone” is any indication, he has helped Cornell squander whatever fan-based goodwil he had left. Period.

  7. PengIn

    I don’t believe that story at all, mostly because it’s obvious that Cornell himself has no recollection of the fact that he used to front Soundgarden.

    The hand of God has got a ring about the size of Texas, remember, Chris? Remember?

  8. Anonymous

    I saw Chris at the Projekt Revolution tour a few weeks ago (hey, shut up, I had a good time). He totally rocked out on “Jesus Christ Pose” which makes this even more tragic.

  9. Tauwan

    God I miss “Nicole Wray, ‘Mag-a-new’ [magoo], Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Missy, and Playa.” -Sigh- Those were good times…

  10. ITMS

    I wonder if Bette Midler would ever consider a Timbaland collabo?

  11. bnb614


    The collaboration is as bad as feared. Check the 3 songs on his Myspace page.

  12. Tauwan


    At this point I wonder if Timbaland would consider NOT collaborating with certain artists. I mean his last album had She Wants Revenge, The Hives, and Elton John amongst his more usual collaborators. Okay. We get it. You’re versatile.

  13. Michaelangelo Matos

    Perhaps Tim will entertain us with a charming verse about Indians and teepees.

  14. Anonymous

    From the look of that pic, apparently the two have also bonded over weightlifting.

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