wolfmother.jpgSo, the Aussie Zeppelin mimeographers Wolfmother broke up. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to whether or not their Australian label, Modular, going bankrupt last week was a move that was inspired, in part, by advance knowledge of this, what with “long-standing personal and musical differences” being the impetus behind the split and Wolfmother being the label’s biggest seller? [The Age]

  • Anonymous

    Great, now they’ll split up into two even more annoying side projects. My chances of seeing one of these guys on a stage just doubled. Damn.

  • graeffufighting


    That is an amazing word that I must use more often in blog posts describing unoriginal bands. “derivative”, you’ve served me well, but I’m afraid I’m gonna have to let you move on down the road, Karl Rove-style.

  • drjimmy11

    Zeppelin, really?

    I always said their recording technique was to find an old copy of “Paranoid,” cross out “Black Sabbath” and write their own name.

  • Bob Loblaw

    There’s still hope for you yet, The Datsuns!

  • Al Shipley

    @drjimmy11: Yeah but the singer’s on some serious Robert Plant wannabe shit.

  • TheContrarian

    Worst band since The Hives, easy. good effin’ riddance.

  • TheContrarian

    Oops, I meant The Vines. The Hives are pretty sucky, too, tho.

  • Maura Johnston

    @TheContrarian: It happens.

  • SomeSound-MostlyFury

    Definitely Black Sabbath, not Zeppelin.

  • TheContrarian

    @Maura Johnston:

    Oh, that is just EVIL.

  • Marth

    I wonder what Mike Patton has to say on the subject?

  • Mick Kraut

    I am not terribly well versed in Australian divorce law, but how do they determine who gets custody of the assorted capes and hammond organs?

  • Anonymous

    @Maura Johnston: what is the deal with this youtube clip showing “video not available,” yet i can hear the audio and faintly see the actual footage in the background. Second time its happened to me today.
    What is that beautiful house? Where does that highway go?

  • Anonymous

    This is truly a great day in history. They can follow their brethren Jet into my anals of history. And Silverchair. Wait, have there been any good Australian bands since..Radio Birdman?

  • Elmo Keep

    The Drones are still thoroughly excellent.

  • Anonymous

    I guess Cave ‘n’ Kylie don’t count anymore. Also, I seem to remember liking Melbourne band The Drones in 2003.

  • Elmo Keep

    Hurrah! Excellent work, everyone!

    Your next target is Coldplay. Godspeed.