08/08/08: Not Such A Lucky Day For The Jonas Brothers

Aug 8th, 2008 // 7 Comments

Sure, the promotional tear of newly crowned sibling heartthrobs the Jonas Brothers is on full blast, making its way to So You Think You Can Dance? last night and Good Morning America today, an appearance that inspired one of the program’s hosts to awkwardly segue into an Emeril segment with the classic line “When I think of the hottest young men in America, I think of… potato salad.” But a dark cloud is looming over the Jonas Brothers right now, as MP3s of their not-out-’til-Tuesday album A Little Bit Longer are making their way around the Internet. Will this pre-release leak hurt the JBs’ sales, or will the band’s fans be so in need of the liner notes (since, y’know, they have pictures!) that the leak will only serve to make the band’s fans even more excited to plunk down money on the official street date? Developing… [YouTube]


  1. Anonymous

    Do most JB fans really frequent Bit Torrent, Usenet or IRC though?

  2. Maura Johnston

    @2ironic4u: No, but they can use Google. (And honestly, I use Rapidshare links and the like to snag leaks much, much more often than any of those other sources.)

  3. Cougarette

    But since the whole album was purposefully leaked on MTV’s show The Leak last week…wasn’t this perhaps an expected way to get the music out to people who were never going to buy it anyway?

    Most big fans will still buy it, anyway, and probably in multiples.

  4. Tauwan

    I don’t think they have anything to worry about. I see Jonas Bros. fan as the type that genuinely just want to see them on top, you know what I mean? The type of fans who’ll get an unreleased track and post it on youtube just to get it out there because THE JONAS BROS ARE SO AWESOME. I mean think about it, while you were busy waiting to see who would eventually get an VMA nod, Jonas Bros. fans were actually voting to ensure that their boys got a spot (or two, or three) at this year’s VMAs.

  5. Tauwan


    What is with that head band?

  6. Tauwan

    Wow, the page hits just go up, up, up when you mention the Joans
    Brothers, huh? Confirms my theory that many a Jonas Bro fan is
    googleing them and then hitting up said sites to shout their loves from
    the rooftops or make sure they ain’t being dissed. Or, to confirm the
    comment I left behond earlier Friday afternoon RE: the Jonas Brothers
    album review by Mikael Wood over at Village Voice.com:

    “I swear to God man. The Jonas Bros are like David Archuleta when it
    comes to internet chatter. Do a piece on them or simply mention them in
    passing and BAM! Jonas Bros. fans are on it like white on rice, there
    to nod in agreement, disagree with you vehemently [though it can be
    argued that this is the only way people tend to comment on things on
    the internet, so really let's not act too surprised], or correct the
    facts you got wrong. Watch out Mikael, they’re on to you…”

  7. Cougarette

    @Tauwan: “I see Jonas Bros. fan as the type that genuinely just want to see them on top, you know what I mean? “

    Nailed it. And Google News Alerts are a beautiful thing.

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