Attention Everybody: Aqua Is Back (And They’re Looking Back)

Aug 8th, 2008 // 9 Comments

A long, long time ago (by which I mean nine months), we first heard talk of a reunion by the Norwegian pop group Aqua, I guess in honor of the fact that their Mattel-angering hit “Barbie Girl” is now 11 years old. Well, they have come back indeed, and they have a new song… which, for some reason, is a look back at the ’80s, and not the decade that they’re so identified with. Perhaps they are trying for some more-retro-than-reality image shift? Or maybe they just know what gets audiences cheering, given that the lyric that uses the words “David” and “Hasselhoff” gets a roaring ovation from the crowd. (Even if you do count Baywatch, sticking him in a song about the ’90s just seems a little cheap.) [YouTube]

  1. El Zilcho!

    Star Wars? Sure Empire and Jedi were in the 80s, but I still associate that with the 70s.

    C’mon, Aqua, you’re better than this!

  2. okiedoke

    Had it been optimally retro, the stage backdrop component would have been provided by 12 computerized A-V synched slide projectors.

    Gotta love Norway, though.

  3. Silverfuture

    When I read that headline I thought for a second that Aqua would be playing a “Don’t Look Back” show. That would be hilariously unnecessary.

  4. Anonymous

    @Job Not quite. The “singer” (and honestly, without her you would never have heard of the band) is Norwegian. [])

  5. bcapirigi

    Very Danish. First calling Duffy Scottish, now this. Jeez Idolator. Way to hate Europe.

  6. Anonymous

    They were/are Danish, actually!

  7. Anonymous

    they should do a tour with the new radicals

  8. troybulldogs21

    Wikipedia sez: “Aqua is a Danish-Norwegian dance-pop group…”. Why do they say this? Because the singer (Lene Nystrøm Rasted) is Norwegian.

  9. Anonymous


    That’s OK, Denmark can have her. We’re good like that.

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