I Am Terrified That This Morningwood Song Is Going To Become A Hit

Aug 11th, 2008 // 25 Comments

Longtime readers may remember that I am not a fan of the New York ensemble Morningwood, thanks to their being a generally obnoxious, yet somehow “poppier” version of the Gossip. And now they are back with “Sugarbaby,” which actually uses the term “American Apparel” in a lyric. While watching its video the other night, I was struck with a terrifying thought: What if this song is the natural successor to “I Kissed A Girl”? It’s got the same clunky lyrics and hit-you-over-the-head production on the chorus, only the main beat borrows heavily from “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” by the Police instead of “Rock & Roll, Pt. 2.” And both Perry and Morningwood singer Chantal Claret are similarly infatuated with the edginess they think they have. Plus: Both Perry and Morningwood are on Capitol Records, so one would think that the few people remaining in the marketing department there would be more than happy to roll out a marketing campaign identical to the one that’s already worked. Crap, you guys. We are so doomed. [YouTube]

  1. PengIn

    Well, to be fair, we were pretty much doomed already.

  2. Camp Tiger Claw

    00:16. I made it to 00:16.

  3. okiedoke

    Honey, how’d that red fuzz get on your dick?

  4. SomeSound-MostlyFury

    I made it to the part where the band was called Morningwood.

  5. Anonymous

    wait, how come the first few seconds (“huh..sugar hah…sugar huh…sugar bay-bay”) sounds so awesome, and the rest of the song kinda blows? they repeat that cool part after the first chorus I think, but otherwise, yeah gross.

  6. qyntellspitbull

    I love Paramore and even I think this is terrible.

    (It was either that comment or, “I made out with a puppet in a limo one and even I think this is terrible.”)

  7. drjimmy11


  8. TheRunningboard7

    I think this song does a good job summarizing how most self-defined “independent” puppet women I know live their lives.

    Wait, what?

    Either way, still better than watching Sex & the City.

  9. Maura Johnston

    @qyntellspitbull: oh, you can’t compare paramore to this. mainly because paramore is not shitty.

  10. TheRunningboard7

    @Maura Johnston: disagree! … politely.

  11. janine

    I’m torn. I hate Morningwood and love puppets. I watched it on mute three times. That fight with the boyfriend? That’s some good puppetry!

  12. ITMS

    I mean, this chorus is reminiscent of Max Martin’s productions for Pink or Kelly Clarkson. Yup, we’re fucked.

  13. Cougarette

    I want to like Paramore. I saw them yesterday, though, and though I love the frontgirl, the music was muddy and a bit boring (apart from their big hit).

    My 5 year old thought they kicked ass, though.

  14. Anonymous

    everyone on these blogs needs to get their heads out of their indie asses. the song is catchy. its a pop song from a pop band that has delivered great catchy songs in the past. and the video is pretty awesome, better than that artsy fartsy nonsense that only makes sense to a few people. at least these guys make music thats stands a chance of reaching the masses. granted there is no message, but not every song has to have a message.

  15. MayhemintheHood

    This song does suck balls, but it just sounds like most other pop songs, a good deal of which are celebrated on this site.

  16. amandacobra

    Ludlow….American Apparel…puppet chic….slick production…

    00:58. but not without some serious nausea.

  17. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    But… But what about the singer’s rack?!

  18. DavidWatts

    @diane123: Where have you even seen an artsy fartsy video in the past five years? Please give me a link, because I have absolutely no clue.

  19. TheRunningboard7

    @DavidWatts: pitchfork.tv . I mean, they’ve gotta have one, right?

  20. TheRunningboard7

    @DavidWatts: pitchfork.tv … I mean, they’ve gotta have one, right?

  21. DocStrange

    They had a song a few years ago (“The Nth Degree”) thas was pretty popular and it was OK, but it was the only decent song on that whole album. Their singer is married to the singer of Mindless Self Indulgence, tho. Weird, huh?

  22. Signal to Noise

    37 seconds. Turned off when I freaked myself out with the “having sex with a puppet” thought.

  23. metalkate

    i couldn’t listen to it after a few seconds either. if something is too annoying to listen to even once, that’s a problem. and i’m not some kind of “art music” elitist or hipster douchebag or whatever the defensive insult of the day is. i know this because i think that Ludo single where they guy is all ‘i love you cancerously’ is pretty cute at the moment (though i suspect i will hate it in a few more listens).

  24. brasstax

    I still totally ♥ Morningwood, but it’s lonesome over here.

  25. BigChiefChaw

    I wanted to read the comments. So I switched over and saw an American Apparel ad. Looks like idolator will be here forever too.

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