This Santogold Video Is Not Brought To You By Bud Light Lime

Aug 11th, 2008 // 14 Comments

The effortlessly breezy “Lights Out” is one of my favorite tracks on Santogold’s self-titled debut, and I haven’t gotten sick of it yet even though its presence in the commercial breaks of baseball games is near-constant. The above clip is pretty basic, with Santi White and her background dancers getting green-screened into increasingly eye-popping patterns. What I want to know is how the people behind the video got the green-screen effect to work on the backup dancers’ lips. Is this the real use for that green lipstick that I always see overflowing from the Wet N’ Wild counter? [Pitchfork.TV via MOKB]

  1. Nunya B

    “Lights Out” is such a wonderful pop song I’m surprised they didn’t start the Santogold campaign with that instead of “Creator” which is still one of the most abrasive “pop” songs I’ve heard in my entire life. I guess she needed to up her cred before releasing what was basically a full-on radio pop record?

  2. MayhemintheHood

    I see this commercial about 15 times a week watching baseball. I always just assume these songs were written for the ads specifically, but this season you’ve done a good job debunking that notion. This is definitely a good beer commercial song…but the Heineken one is in my head constantly and has been since early April.

    Cool video, too. Nothing special but looks pretty.

  3. Maura Johnston

    @MayhemintheHood: Hahaha, if there’s one topic I probably have known way too much about for the past four years, it’s songs in ads that air during baseball games. Ask away! At the very least, it’ll distract me from AARON GODDAMN HEILMAN.

  4. Al Shipley

    Anyone else see her on FNMTV last week and think she was going for a Gallagher look with her hair/hat combination?

  5. DavidWatts

    So, is this a hit yet? What does that even mean anymore?

  6. bcapirigi

    until i just watched the video i hadn’t even noticed the backing vocals–is it a slightly different mix? [i ask, too lazily to walk over to the cd player and press play, because the santogold cd is what i put on to wash dishes to just an hour ago.]

    and i still say it sounds like christine mcvie.

  7. righteousmaelstrom

    This is my favorite song on this album. I always have to repeat it when I’m playing the album. A great summer jam.

  8. Nunya B

    I just realized, can Santogold’s backup dancers be called the Golden Girls?

  9. MayhemintheHood

    @Maura Johnston: There was another one from this season, a Jaguar commercial that’s played constantly, but I think I figured out it was a Deep Purple song(although to me, it doesn’t really sound like Deep Purple at all so I may be wrong, but I gave up).

    These commercials are somewhat more tolerable when I know the insanely catchy songs backing them. I was even turned onto a band/songwriter I had never heard of(Tall Dwarfs/Chris Knox) through your post about that Heineken commercial. I’m not sure what any of this means besides I watch too much baseball.

  10. ITMS

    @Nunya B: I just have to give you props for that. I’m kind of in love with the back-up dancers, and given that they’ve appeared in all three of her videos…they deserve some sort of identity/name.

  11. Anonymous

    Anyone else notice the opening line of the song is the same melody as Spanish Bombs by the Clash?

  12. Ke

    @Soper: I think Spanish Bombs is slower tempo but I can sort of see it. I definitely did not notice before.

    I am glad how this video turned out <3 The video goes well with the song on the whole light, fun feel.

  13. Anonymous

    i really hear more of a Cars’ “My Best Friend’s Girl” vibe in the opening seconds.

  14. Anonymous

    i did the lips for this video.
    unfortunately had to use blue lips and lenses on the glasses because the background was green. but that is exactly what blue lipstick is used for.

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